Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Rewind...

Gooooooooood Afternoon, Blog Family!!
said in Ty Pennington's Extreme Makeover greeting voice...
How was Y'alls weekends?  Our was great!  Things to do, but not too much to do!  Perfect!
Then my Monday Morning started out like this...I'd love to somehow see a statistic on how many Monday Morning Laptop Forgets happen every week!  I always forget the damn thing!  ALWAYS!

Friday night was low key.  Jack went to the big Cherokee County Fair with The Husband's parents and then stayed the night!  Bean was NOT happy about this!  She was so confused why she didn't get to leave too when Mimi came to pick up Jack!  She even walked over to me and laid her head on my lap, gave me a quick goodbye pat on the back and then made her way over to The Husband and did the same thing.  She cried for a few minutes, but recovered quickly!  That's what's awesome about 1 year olds...nothing gets them down for too long!

Saturday was our work company picnic!  It's totally geared towards the kids and is so fun for them!  The Husband and I however weren't that excited!  It felt like we didn't know anyone there...I was seriously confused!  But we let the kids play on the huge bouncy house and ride some rides at Kiddieland, ate some grub and then were on our way back home!  Mission Accomplished!

My Brother and Sister in Law came over with their little boy when we got home from the picnic and we sat on the back porch, drank a couple beverages and just let the kids play until dark!  It was so nice out because a storm was rolling in so it was nice and cool!  I can't wait for Fall!  I like Summer, but dang, it's just been too HOT!

Saturday evening I also heard back from our photographer and set the date for our next Family Pictures!  They are in 2 weeks!  Eek!  My OCD head started spinning...what am I going to wear?  What are the kids going to wear?  The Husband?  I immediately started thinking through what everyone had and how we could build 2 looks with buying the least amount of new crap!  Let's just say that didn't go over well and I totally broke my "no clothes shopping" goal!  I may or may not have bought myself all those items above and a pair of shoes...Bean two new dresses...Jack a new pair of shorts and 3 shirts...The Husband, well he only needed two shirts!  Oy Vey!

Sunday morning came way too quick and it was back to the normal madness!  I hit the recreation center while Bean was napped and got in a decent 6 miler, but my ass and thighs and groin are paying for it today!  Ouch!  Note to Self:  Stretching is a MUST!

On the calendar this week is a 4.5 mile run tomorrow, a virtual 5k on Wednesday for Marta's 34th birthday! Head over to Four Fit Sisters to sign up, it's FREE so no reason not too!  Then a 4 miler on Thursday!  Yikes!  That sounds like alot!  Fingers crossed!



  1. Great weekend! Bean and Jack are adorable as ever and I can't wait to see these family pics!!

  2. The picnic looks really neat for the kids! Looks like your company puts a lot of money into it!

    Oh man, Bren would fa-REAK out if he didn't get to go w/ Papa and Mama overnight and Aiden did. He is 4, tho, so that might be why. :)

    Have a great week!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Great job on the 6 miles. I REALLY need to get back to it, as soon as my foot heals, I'll do it! You're looking great girl!

  4. Great job skinny Minnie!!! You are doing awesome!!! And I may have a slight H&O and KLR addiction. Lol. So many cute things!! Can't wait to see family pics!

  5. I would totally have to buy a new outfit for family pictures too, dot worry!
    You are killing it with the running! How many times per week are you doing it? Are you following a schedule?

  6. We suck at our two weeks no shopping "vow"! I hate being a shopaholic!!! So excited to see your family pics!!