Thursday, July 25, 2013

What Kind Of Blogger Are You?...

Hey! Hey! Hey!
A couple weeks ago I posted on IG about being in a blog slump due to a lack of topics; I always feel like we bloggettes categorize ourselves and I'm not sure where I fit in exactly and what you readers would be interested in hearting!  Am I a healthy living/fitness blog, a fashion/beauty blog, a DIY/crafty blog, a Mom blog, a food/recipe blog, a lifestyle blog?  Personally, I don't think I fit into any one of those categories - not solely anyway. 
But I can tell you what I'm not:
  • I am not a DIY/Crafty/Decorating Blog - this weekday single Momma ain't got no time for that!
  • I am not a Food/Recipe Blog - I don't even cook, like ever!
  • I am not a Lifestyle Blog - those people know how to live and I obviously do not (according to them)!
If you are looking for any of those three types of blogs, I may not be your slice of store-bought cheesecake life!  Feel free to stick around anyway though!  I do not discriminate! 
I'm just Darci, a working mother of two beautiful kids trying to get my ass back in shape and that has a slight small pretty big shopping addiction!  I hope you like me!  I'm an attention whore so the more "likes" the better!  Just kidding...kind of...
So, my point!  I asked for some ideas on blog posts and got tons of good suggestions!  Here is what you can look forward to in the next little bit!
  1. More on how I'm working on my FITNESS and my DIET.
    1. Food I can't resist
    2. Biggest healthy living struggle
    3. When do I workout, how do I fit it in
    4. Upcoming runs and training plans
    5. Diet - do I count calories, track food, etc.
  2. It Works Wraps Review.
  3. Top 3 things that keep me motivated on my fitness journey roller coaster.
  4. The greatest "aha" moment as a Mother/Wife/Runner.
  5. Guns and Shit! - You can thank TimBob for that one...
  6. Shopping weaknesses.
  7. Biggest misconception people have about me.
  8. Personal Stuff
    1. How I met The Husband
    2. How we picked the kid's names
    3. How I've changed from single life to married life
    4. Are there more kids in the future
    5. Biggest accomplishment
    6. Biggest fear
    7. What do I want to be remembered for
    8. Biggest pet peeve
    9. What can make me happy no matter what
    10. What stresses me out
    11. Schooling background - degree(s) and do I use them in my job
    12. Saver or spender
    13. Biggest conflict within my marriage
    14. Tough love or attachment parenting
    15. Describe a perfect day with my family
    16. Birth stories
    17. Wedding disaster story
    18. How did I get the scar on my torso
    19. The new boobs
    20. The best year of my life
Ok!  So some of these I will obviously combine and will probably do like a Q&A type setup and VLOG it!  You all know how I love VLOGS!  But tomorrow I'm going to post something that will let you all in a little more on my food/health background...yeah, we will start there!



  1. I love it! I will read about all those things! Love you!! :)

  2. I love your in categorized self!! I also feel like I shop through you, since I never shop, I live vicariously through you, I also cannot wait to see what you eat since you don't cook!! Heck I'm excited about all of it!!

  3. Looks like a lot of interesting topics and definitely some things I can't wait to read =) ... I'm the same as you, never really know what to talk about or what people REALLY want to hear. Looks like you've got a lot of great ideas now though =)

  4. I dont like reading the same stuff day in, and day out.
    I wanna read abount anything and everything.
    I am very excited about your upcoming posts :)
    something new and different everyday is what keeps me coming back.
    I can only read so many blogs a day that are all talking about the same thing!

  5. Ummm why label yourself, or you could just say I do shit. Lol seriously, mine is like a shiitake shake just my every day life, kids work, room make overs, running, etc. your way too much fun to put in one category:)

  6. I am so excited for these blog posts! Maybe we should do a how we met the hubby link up???