Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans...

Linking up today with Sami for a little weekend shenanigan rewind!

Sami's Shenanigans

I don't mean to be a downer first thing on a Monday morning, but there are a couple stories I want to share about a couple great men, great fathers - both of which passed within this past week far too soon! I don't personally know either of these two men, but just seeing the support and reading stories about them has touched me and inspired me and I thought maybe they could do the same for you.

The first is Chad Rogers,  Chad lived in Liberty, MO and was a Husband, Stay at Home Father, Youth Pastor and Marathon Runner.  He left his home last Monday evening for a run and never returned home.  A massive volunteer search, along with the LPD took place all week long along his known running routes.  Despite all the efforts and prayers and hopes, Chad's body was found Friday.  The cause of death hasn't been released yet, but his Dad made a public statement (which was heart wrenching to watch) thanking everyone for their search efforts, donations, thoughts and prayers.  If you want to know more about Chad there is a FaceBook page set up Bring Chad Rogers home and an Instagram account Bringing Chad Rogers Home - at both of these sites you will see pictures of Chad and read stories about him, it's truly inspirational - just simply what a great person he was and how many lives he had touched in his short life, and continue to impact in his passing!  I did see a post stating that a RUN will be organized in Chad's memory and to raise money for his Wife and Son.  I will post details here once they become available and I am definitely going to go and run if at all possible, so if you are in the area and want to participate I hope you will!

The second is Kidd Kraddick from the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning radio show.  If your local radio station broadcasts the show you know what an amazing guy he was!  The one thing I wanted to point out about Kidd is his passion for children!  For over 20 years, his organization Kidd's Kids, has taken family's with terminally or chronically ill children to Disney World.  It's totally free for the families and the entire family gets to go and just be FREE together for one week and forget about all the problems they face day to day!  Kidd passed suddenly on Saturday at a Kidd's Kids Charity Golf Tournament, he died doing what he loved which was working for his Kids!  Kidd's Kids will continue on, if you are interested in donating click here.

RIP Chad and Kidd, you will never be forgotten!

Now, on to some lighter notes about the weekend!
This was one of the first weekends in I don't know how long that we didn't have one single thing on our calendar!  We just spent the weekend hanging out and having fun! 
Friday I booked my flight to Chicago for what I have a feeling will be an EPIC weekend! I can't wait to meet and see some of the most fabulous ladies - if you are interested email Wendy (Instagram @chitowngirrl) at!  She is going to send out an email this week with some details!
Jack just airing it all out after being Checked for Ticks!  He went with The Husband and Uncle Coco to work deer stands and they all had quite a few ticks on them, Jack had 3 that were all already drinking his fine blood juice!  Yuck!
Norah Jane decided she could live off of Powdered Donuts!  I had some of the funniest comments on this picture on Instagram! My comment was "Double'n Down On the Donuts"...
carly1972 said "I love a good dmonut, but I can honestly say I have NEVER eaten one naked, crouched(sp?) on a cooler in the yard.  LOL.  Shes too damn cute!!" She quickly followed with, "Donut! Damn, I'm sober!"
kbeavtann said "That's exactly how I eat my donuts!! In a sumo stance, in a diaper on top of a cooler!! Bean is a classy lady!!"
I literally LOL'd at both of these and I'm not sure I believe carly1972 was sober!  Just sayin!  Also, Kyra I need photographic evidence the next time you eat a donut!  :-)
Shhh....he's hunting wabbits!
Unfortunately, Sunday was a bit of a boring and lazy day!  It was overcast and rainy all day so not much outside play, although Bean and Oscar spent a little time just watching the rain!  How cute!?

A little fitness vent!  I officially started my 10k, 15k, Half Training this past week.  I've been running consistently all summer, but I have a few big(ger) races coming up so I wanted to actually get a training plan laid out.  It's an 18 week schedule built around some runs I have on my calendar, ending with the Route 66 Half Marathon in Tulsa, OK in November.

The Sunday before week 1 started I ran 6 miles and felt good, but once I was done my hip started hurting.  I figured it was just sore from the distance, because it was definitely a longer run for me at this point.  Tuesday I did my 4.5 mile run and after that I knew something wasn't quite right.  I've gone to my Chiropractor 3 times so far (Wed, Thur, Fri) and have another appointment at lunch today.  I have trouble with my leg lengths getting off, thus causes some knee/hip pain.  I was going to try an easy run yesterday, but my trip to Walmart seemed to aggravate my hip and if purely walking was causing an issue I knew better than to run!  I posted the picture below on Instagram and I think I almost just wanted for you girls to say it was OK to rest.  I knew before posting it that I wasn't going to run, but sometimes a little motivation is the kick in the ass you need, and also a little support is just the right medicine too!  I talked to a couple of my friends that are hard core runners and one is also a Physical Therapist, they think I need to go see an Ortho and have an MRI done.  I'm going to give it a couple more days and by mid-week I'll make an appointment.  I'm seriously SO bummed about not running, I have a 10k on the 10th and really want to run it!  To me, it was like the "kick off" of this whole running season!  Stay tuned for more details, but for now, you Bitches need to run an extra mile for me!  #onefordarci 




  1. I live like an hour away from where Chad lived.. So sad and soooo scary!

    You go girl on your running! I can FINALLY start running again in 3 weeks! What race you have coming up?
    PS love the pic of your kiddos they are so cute!

  2. I hope your hip gets to feeling better!!! That's a total bummer, but you need to rest it so you don't injure it! The ortho might be a good idea just to make sure it's nothing major!!

  3. I hope the hip feels better soon girlie and super excited to meet up with y'all!!

  4. Let me know about Chad ... I've been wondering what the cause of death was. That's just so sad. :(
    Sorry you are having pain!! Hopefully rest is all it takes and you'll be back to running soon!

  5. You have the cutest babies ever!! I cannot wait for our Chi-town weekend!! Fabulous memories will be made for sure! And fabulous friendships! :) I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, re: your pain!! xoxo

  6. That's so sad about those men!
    And your kids are just adorable!!!
    I hope your hip starts to feel better!! And until it does, you NEED to rest. How is it today?

  7. It's so sad about Kid and Chad. Such horrible things happen in the world. AND now I want a powdered donut, naked on a cooler!! I was hoping to meet up with you lovely ladies in Chicago, but it's not looking good. BOOOOOOO

  8. I am famous!! I made the blog!!! LOL
    And I can PROMISE you I was sober, I think I just got excited wishing I had a donut!! LOL She still so damn cute!! xoxo