Friday, January 31, 2014

Darci's DietBet

Hey Y'all!  Quick post!  I just created a new DietBet that will start this Monday (11/3)!  The buy-in is only $20!  Go to and search "Darci's DietBet" or just click HERE!

If you are new to DietBet here's the skinny, pun intended, everyone pays the buy-in fee and submits their starting weight through the submission of 2 pictures (it's all private, no one has to see your pictures, no worries), the challenge is 4 weeks long and at the end of the 4 weeks whoever has lost 4% of their starting weight will split the total pot of the game!  The process will be the same for submitting your final weight at the end of the game!  I've done quite a few DietBet's and I love them every time - although I haven't always met my goal, the personal challenge is a great motivator!  Yay!

I did happen to notice that there is another DietBet game scheduled to start the same day with the name "Darcie's DietBet" that's not me!  Make sure you join the correct one..."Darci's DietBet" I don't have an E in my name!  Eek!

Join me, won't you?!  Xoxo


  1. Ok, I've got the email in my inbox to sign up for it by Sunday night! Maybe then I'll get my ass in gear!!

  2. Wish I could, but since I have been at the same weight give or take a pound or two for over a year, I really doubt my ability to drop 5 pounds in 4 weeks without chopping an arm off!

  3. Hmmm, so since I'm having a baby this month and will automatically drop 15 (or more) lbs just from that, think I still qualify? :) Good Luck!!