Monday, February 3, 2014

I Worked Out + DietBetters...

Woot! Woot! Lot's to cover on this Bruno Mars Fine Ass Morning! Woo-Wee! Did y'all see that one game's halftime show last night?! Bruno. Bruno. Bruno.  #enoughsaid

I got a wild hair on Friday evening and decided I wanted to start a DietBet this week; I couldn't find one I particularly liked so what do you do!?!?...create your own, duh! I did a quick post HERE if you are interested in joining!  It starts today and ends on Feb. 28th, but you can still join whenever!  I've been so far off the healthy/workout train that I'm going to admit that since my half in November I've gained about 8 pounds!  Eek!  Granted, Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years and My Birthday were all within that time's still NOT at all!  Yuck!

I'm not sure what got in to me this weekend other then feeling super chubby and flabby and heavy, but I worked out like my life depended on it Saturday and even broke a sweat Sunday...Who am I?!  Sunday is a day of rest, no?!
Saturday P90X3 Double Trouble!   
Sunday "Kick Ass" Intervals on the Treadmill!  This shit was hard, my lower half was burning!
"Kick Ass" Interval Workout!!
Now I want y'all to meet some special ladies, special because they are all participating in and going to kick my DietBet's Ass! The group is fairly small, so I thought it would be fun and extra motivation to spotlight some of the ladies!

First up is my favorite Canadian (besides Justin Bieber), Jodi from Love and Crayons!
Hey everyone, my name is Jodi and you can usually find me on my blog at, if I have actually  been blogging, which is very rare right now!!
Anyway, I got the email for Darci's diet bet and thought it is probably a good thing for me right now.  I have been trying to find motivation for so long, and can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm super cheap, so maybe spending money will actually get me off my ass and hopefully start losing some of this extra weight.
I wasn't always heavy, I was average.  Not too skinny, and not too heavy.  I've always had hips and a butt, and I liked them.  When I got pregnant with my first, he's 3 now, I gained a TON of weight.  Then got pregnant with my second and hadn't lost very much weight from the first pregnancy.  And this is where you find me now.  Two kids later, and still weighing about the same as shortly after having my second who is 16 months.  When my youngest was 8 months old, I ran my first half marathon. The sole reason for me running it, was to lose weight.  While I was training, I was still nursing him so with the extra calories needed for that and running such long distances, I maintained my weight.  I don't think I even lost 2 pounds through the whole process.  My "before" photos here are from July, when I entered another diet thing.  From July to the middle of September I lost about 20 pounds, I felt great.  I still had pounds to lose, but I wasn't pushing 200 anymore.  Then in October I went back to work after being on maternity leave for a year.  I got lazy.  I wasn't doing any form of exercise and wasn't watching what I ate.  So now I'm back to looking the way I do in the before photo and am weighing in at 188.  I've gained all of those 20 pounds right back. I'm  mad at myself for getting back to this point.
Now, my goal is to follow clean eating as much as possible.  I want to get back into my weekly yoga, and weekly short runs,  I'm not running for distance right now, but trying to increase my 5 and 10 k times.  I'm planning to run the color run in May, and would love to do it as close to 30 minutes as possible, if not under!!
I'm not looking to lose my curves, I love them, but I am wanting to shrink them and tone up.  I'm sick of being jiggly and having dimples in my thighs.  By summer I want to feel comfortable in a pair of shorts and possibly a bathing suit! This diet bet is where it all starts! So wish me luck, and don't cringe too bad at my photos!!
And just for good measure, I've included a BEFORE before photo of me on our honeymoon in 2008.  This is what I want to get back to looking like!!

I just love Jodi!  She is SO sweet and her 2 little men are super cute!  You can find her on Instagram too @loveandcrayons

Next we have, Amy! 

I "know" Amy from Instagram!! She is 36 years young and has the most important job in the world, she is a Teacher! When I was emailing with Amy she said she wants to lose 20 pounds before her Brother In Law's wedding this summer, but more importantly...she wants to instill healthy food habits for her 3 year old son (so awesome)! 
Amy is focusing on her vegetarian diet, running (she ran FIVE 5k races in 2013) and doing spin classes!

Good Luck, Amy! I know you will do great! You can find Amy on Instagram @pinkpirate00

Last, but definitely not least, I introduce you to Tracy!  
Tracy blogs over at Yea I Know I'm Short...
Hi, I'm Tracy! I'm 39 years old, married,  full time working mom of 2 girls a 5 ½ yr old and a 1 ½ yr old.  I live in Marietta, GA, a suburb of Atlanta, GA. I blog over at
I started my weight loss journey after the birth of my second little girl, May 2012.  I left the hospital weighing 192 lb.  I'm 4’9 and that is just wayyyyyy too much for a shorty like me.  I got to 162 on my own after getting home from the hospital and before generally changing anything diet wise in August 2012.  I started My Fitness Pal that month.  I bought a treadmill on Craigslist for $50 and committed to walking 30 minutes a day.  I logged everything I ate and really took into consideration what actually went into my body.  I successfully made it to 120 in April 2013.  Needless to say, the weight is slowly creeping back up.
With the help of Darci and DietBet, I hope to kick start my weight loss AGAIN.  My goal is to get back to 120, ultimately I would love to be 110ish.  We shall see, a girl can dream right?  I plan to get all my water in on the daily and mixing up the workouts.  I plan on no pop at all this month, and if you know anything about me, you will know that right there is a feat in and of itself.  Good luck to all involved and lets do this.  

Tracy is also on Instagram @tjc1126

I'm so proud and inspired by the sheer fearlessness of these ladies to not only take the FIRST step and join the DietBet, but also to go much further and share not only their stories, but their pictures! You ladies ROCK!

I think I will have a few more "Meet the DietBetter" stories later this week, along with mine - well at least my before pictures! Ha! Love You, B Faces!


  1. Hey lady thanks so much for including me, even if you spelled my name wrong LMAO!!!

  2. I'm still planning on signing up, I just completely forgot I needed a code word before I took a picture of the scale this morning. Ugh! Maybe this will be the one I actually win money at!

  3. Shit, if that's not proof I need to lose the weight I don't know what is!! Thanks for starting this Darci!!

  4. Super excited about this and started yesterday on track.....lets do this ladies!!!! :)

  5. Super excited for this, and I started on track yesterday.....fingers crossed!!! :)