Monday, January 20, 2014

Mother F'n Monday...

Instead of the totes norm Weekend Review post that everyone and their cute little 5 pound dogs will be doing this AM...I've decided to branch out and give you the VERY first edition of Mother F'n Monday! These posts will be dedicated to kick'n the week off right and just lay'n it all out there like you just don't give a F... Feel free to join in, who knows how these posts will spread and evolve over time seeing as though I'm making this up literally as I type from one word to the next... You're Welcome!

Now, let's get to what has been driving me totally, completely, bat-shit cray this past week...

[one]  Going on a hunt around the world just to find a matching pair of Norah's socks!  I.Give.Up. Norah will either be a trend-setter, and bring the whole kooky mismatched socks thing in style, or she will forever be banished to "That One" lunch table before she even hits preschool.  And honestly, at this point I've wasted so many of my 45 minutes of morning awake time (morning awake time = getting not only the children up, dressed, fed BUT also myself up and dressed...oh and throw a dog in there for shits and giggles!) looking for her damn socks!  No one else has this problem in the house, just her?!  W.T.F.

[two]  If I hear Jack say "Uuuuggggggghhh!  Why I gotta do everything all the time?" One.More.Time. I might lose my Mother F'n mind, like whoa! Really? Really? Did he just say that?

[three]  Oscar... #enoughsaid

[four]  Jillian Michaels! I know there is some big JM contest going on and I'm not dogging anyone that's doing it because y'all know I like to be working on my fitness too, but there is literally only so much one person can take of That Woman's Mug! For.Real.  However, I am almost intrigued to try her Yoga workouts based on the shit being shoved down My HomeGirls throat...eek...almost...maybe!

[five]  Jeans!  I hate them again!  Hate...


  1. I love Jillian's yoga! I can tolerate that much more. :)

  2. Giiiiirl, Cailin tells me "why do I have to do everything?" or "why doesn't my brother have to?". I tell her, girl, trust me when he is old enough to understand I will have him doing this the meantime, its all you! HAHA

  3. I'd like to add the phrase, "I know, right?" to the list...WTF is that about?!

  4. I love this post idea and am going to do it today since I'm late positing anyways! I understand the Jillian thing I started the month off with the challenge but can't handle her anymore plus I just want to run and lift so f you JM!

    Have a good mother fn Monday love!

  5. You may have t comments from me but I don't think my other one posted :)
    I love this idea and am totally stealing it since I'm late posting today.
    I hate JM right now I started the month with her challenge but can't take it anymore so I'm back to running and the gym.
    Have a fantastic mother fn Monday love!

  6. Bah! This is great. I usually do "weekly goals" on Monday but maybe I will throw this in for next monday as well. I love it.

  7. OMG Yes! The sock! Seriously, that's Caroline too. And the whiny pre-schooler. Yep. My life.

  8. I get the 'I have to do EVERYTHING' bit too, from my 7 yr old. Put me out of my misery now! So frustrating!

    Lovin' the topic! I get sick of the typical weekend recaps, too, happy to read s/t different for once!

  9. I get the hating pants part! My thighs are too big, and my ind has no motivation to shrink them! Boo!!
    Damn is matched socks! Lol!

  10. Um. Everything, I love everything about this post. My kids do all kinds of things to annoy me in the mornings and I'm pretty sure its on purpose and dont even get me started on Grady. That dog... UGH!