Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So What! Wednesday

Yay! for Hump Day!  I'm telling you between being off work for the holidays and then being snowed in, my life schedule is like whoa, totally out of whack!  It sucks!  I feel lazy and is what it is!

Life After I Dew

This week I'm saying So What! if...

  • I'm already shitting my pants thinking about Jack wrestling this weekend for the FIRST time!  Say a little prayer that there isn't some BA little 4 year old that just beats the hell out of him!  Eek! #wrestlingmom 
  • I do yoga in my underwear!  It's not like I posted a full length picture...I'm actually guessing that's what the problem was!  #tease
  • I haven't been able to control anything, and I mean anything, that has gone in my mouth for the past 4 weeks.  I can't help it, shit just finds it's way in there whether I want it to or not!  #twss
  • I secretly LOVE that Norah refuses, on purpose, to say "Daddy, Dada, Dad-o" or any other form of the word Dad, which drives The Husband absolutely bat shit crazy!  #mommasgirl
  • I will NEVER get tired of watching Something Borrowed, it's the best lazy Sunday afternoon movie! I'm totally team Rachael, all the way!  #dexishot
  • I have a million blog post topics on my phone, but can never seem to find the motivation to actually sit down and ever write them!  How do y'all do it, in the AM?  PM?  Same time every day?  #badblogger
  • I can't wait for The Husband to travel next week; he's been home like the last 3 weeks due to the holidays and I need a break!  #gypsyhusband
  • I'm so far OVER running that I don't know if/when I will ever go back, like ever!  5k runs, sure...anything farther, not so sure!  #needachange
  • I turn 31 in like two weeks, I'm still pretty!  #oldlady

That's all I got for this fine Wednesday!  Head on over and link up with Shannon and tell us what you are saying So What! to this week!


  1. I love that movie! I watch it every time I see it on tv. :)
    Also, I have to blog every night when Miss O goes to sleep or I would never get it done.

  2. I turn 30 in on the 26th! I don't care either. I'm ready to embrace it. I'm also having issues shoveling food into my mouth like I'll never eat again.

  3. Ummm (raise hand) Bad blogger here as well. I think I'm just not that interesting. Any way, to put your mind at ease January is the hardest month to lose weight. Your body is use to the holiday binge and needs time to readjust. Just saying. :)

  4. I am the same way. I have the hardest time finding enough hours in the day to do everything. Wish I could spend more time blogging.

  5. I also can't control what I put in my mouth for the last 4 weeks!

  6. let me know when you figure the blogging schedule thing out! I feel like I can never figure out when to sit down and write a post! I love your rebellious little girl... just precious!

  7. Wrestling? Awww...hell. My little Carter would get knocked out. Haha! Caleb on the other hand...haha! I am 31 and so far so good!

  8. We have b-days close together!! BUT....I am WAY older! :)

  9. If you are an #oldlady at 31, then that make me freakin ancient at 41! LOL