Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Make Me Pretty...

Confession:  I am a makeup girl!  Tried and true...I rarely leave my house without at least foundation, powder and mascara.  I'm just not one of those "naturally" pretty girls that I hate with every fiber of my being that can wake up and look good.  Nope, not me!  It just doesn't happen.  I swear, the first morning I'd get the nerve to wash my face and wake up without makeup with a new boyfriend I was always surprised they didn't run straight for the door!  I'm serious!  My biggest problem is "dark spots" - I'm sure you've heard of the dreaded "dark spot" epidemic that's been all over the place the last year or so, right?  I guess it's just my skin tone, since it's darker maybe, but every single place I get a blemish or scratch or whatever - it ALWAYS leaves a dark spot scar.  This doesn't just apply to my face, but my entire body; I scar like a mother!  It sucks! 

I don't have perfect skin, I still get breakouts and blemishes (actually more now then when I was younger, assholes), but for the most part all the imperfections on my face are dark spots.  They do eventually fade and lighten some, but this can take months or years which totally sucks balls!  I have tried some of the new products for dark spots and I can say that I think they do help fade them some, but it ain't no miracle worker.

I don't spend a shit ton of money on makeup (primarily because I live in small-town BFE and the good stuff is at least 1.5 hours away); some of my staples are on the pricier side, but some are cheap...so to me, it all evens out!  Let's get this Face Party started!

                                 Before (L)                                                  After (R)

See the dark spots all over the F'n place in the Before picture?!  Yeah, not pretty!  Dark Spots are evil, evil I say!  Assholes!  However, I do think I look pretty in the After picture!  Don't you?!  Pictures taken this AM (8/6).
Skin Care
  • Neutrogena Makeup Removing Cloths - A total must for me or I destroy all of our wash cloths!
  • Proactive - I use the Cleanser and Toner, not the Repairing Lotion.  Honestly, I've never been in love with Proactive.  My Favorite, Aly has been talking to me about Goats Milk Stuff for awhile now, she swears by it!  I placed my first order this weekend and will give a review after I've used it for a bit!
  • Clarisonic Mia - I only use in the evening, twice a day is too harsh for my skin and causes breakouts!
  • Lancome Bright Expert - This is a dark sport corrector and radiance activator (whatever that is), it's one of the only ones I've found that I can wear under my makeup during the day; it doesn't make me oily or cause breakouts!  In love!
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Foundation - I wear a long lasting, full coverage foundation.  One because of the dark spots (are you sick of me saying dark spots yet?) and two since I workout over my lunch hour!  This is the ONLY foundation I have EVER used, it's what my Mom started me out with and I've never seen a need to switch.
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Pressed Powder - I love this powder, if you had nice skin and no dark spots, dark spots, dark spots, you could totally wear it without needing foundation!  It gives great coverage!
  • Cover Girl Classic Color Blush - I use cheap blush, just whatever is at Walmart.  Eh, it works.
  • Merle Norman Super-Lube - This is the only thing I use on my lips on the daily.  It looks pink in the container, but really there isn't any or much color to it at all.  It just keeps my lips moist and a bit shiny!  People always ask what lip color I wear or comment that they love my lip color and I always feel a teeny tiny bit bad when I reply that I'm not wearing anything!   Most of the time I don't even have the Super-Lube on.  Eek!  Don't hate me, I have dark spots!
*In the picture above, the top two I'm wearing the Super-Lube, the bottom two I don't have anything on my lips.
Takin' It Up A Notch!
I have a couple favorite go-to additions to my daily routine (which is what I laid out above) for when I want to take my makeup up a notch for a special night out or whatever!  Lip Color and Lashes!
Lip Color
Merle Norman Satin Coffee Lipstick and Cheap Clear Gloss
                                                               MAC (L)                                    Merle Normal (R)
*Lashes can totally up your makeup game in a hot second!  I personally love MAC lashes, well I'm kind of obsessed with them actually!
There you have it, Ladies!  This is how I "Make Me Pretty" every.single.day!

Anyone have any tips for dark spots, dark spots, dark spots?  Damn dark spots!



  1. Can I say I feel your pain. Dark/olive skin girl here with mad problems in the face department and I felt the sane way. I've tried everything I mean everything and finally broke down and went to the dermatologist. I was put on a couple different meds and finally after those helped but didn't clear the problem went on accutane. I'm noticing that it's getting better everyday. Now in only use cetaphil to wash my face with a hand held circular brush, simple moisturizer, and some eye creme cause I'm old. Lol. I started using urban decay naked skin beauty balm which seems to help with the dark spots. I don't wear make up everyday because I work from home. I hope that helps and you can order online from sephora and if you don't like it ship it back in the box and they give you a shipping label. Good luck. I've always thought you looked gorgeous make-up or not:)

  2. I love makeup posts! You always look gorgeous--you have clearly nailed the balance of covering any blemishes but keeping your face looking natural! I don't have to tango with dark spots because I'm pale as F, but I do get cherry angiomas on my body. I hate them!

  3. dark spots and teenage acne over here so I most def understand your pain. I am pale with random redness! I envy girls with flawless skin. I also envy ou for looking so amazing with makeup! I have the worst oily skin on my face and no matter what I use, my face is stil "glowing" in the least attractive way! bleh!
    you look amazing no matter what anyways! all natural or made up! :)

  4. ugh! I have the same problem - i'm dark complected as well so maybe that does have something to do with it ... I am breaking out more now than I ever did as a teen and I too get friggin dark spots that take FOREVER to fade... I have one now underneath my chin that has been there for weeks and refuses to just fade already - it is so frustrating ... I need to try that bright expert and foundation you use - your coverage is amazing!! Thanks for sharing =)

  5. Beautiful!! How in the world do you put those eyelashes on...I cant do it at all! PS I would really like to be your bestie...a far away bestie haaaa

  6. Beautiful!! How in the world do you put those eyelashes on...I cant do it at all! PS I would really like to be your bestie...a far away bestie haaaa

  7. Girl, unless you told me you had dark spots, I would have never known!!!! I know what you mean though, our skin pigmentation really effs things up!!!! I will definitely have to try the foundation sometime. I've used a EL double wear before, but it came in a blue tube, not a bottle!?!?!

    Totally jelly of your brows, i would kill to be able to just use powder on them!!! :p

    Where do you get your Merle Norman? Just order it online?

  8. I have dark spots too!!! I've tried so many different creams and other crap to fade them, but not much has worked. I need to get the foundation you use...great coverage!

  9. I wear makeup 7 days a week too. Full makeup. Everyday. And eyeliner is a must for me, if I don't have eyeliner I don't look awake and everyone asks me if I'm okay or tells me I look tired. I'm sorry you have dark spots but I didn't know that until now because your face always looks so good.

    I just love your face regardless.


  10. I love makeup posts. I've been really getting into lately and trying to learn the different ways to experiment. My newest obsession is learning the art of HACing (Highlighting and contouring). Your foundation is amazing. It look so smooth and natural.

    My biggest turnoff with makeup is it's SO EXPENSIVE. I can hardly justify buying the expensive stuff. I signed up for ipsy, which is a monthly subscription package and you get all these high end samples each month (sometimes full size stuff too) so it's fun to try new things and see what I really like before buying.

    You always look amazing. Very jealous of you!

  11. I've never commented before but thought I should let you know about this product! Try Ponds Clarant B3. I had lots of dark spots/patches after I had my son and this product made a remarkable difference! I was impressed.

  12. You end up with a very natural look even though you have to use more coverage for the dark spots. I used to try to cover up all my freckles and I never could get the mix quite right. I can vouch for the Estee Lauder though. I used to use the Lucidity foundation and it was amazing. I only stopped because I became a broke college student, haha. I should go back to it now. I haven't tried their powders though. Looks good :)

  13. I have terrible skin. I never had acne until after I had children. WTH?!? I have dark circles under my eyes, lots of redness, and scars and ugly lines on my forehead. I started using Clinique repairwear laser focus and it has helped dramatically. You've got me curious about Estee Lauder now. I may have to give it a try.

  14. I ♥ my make up! Seriously, the day I knew my husband was the one for me is when he took me to several different makeup stores for my birthday and told me to buy as much as I wanted. He knew my dream was to do a Supermarket Sweep down the makeup isle!
    I really like that red lipstick you pull that off so well. I look like a hooker-clown in red.

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  16. Dark spots SUCK. I get them mostly from breakouts. I am 41 and still break out. So dumb.
    I just started using smash box CC cream and I like it ok. The best makeup I've found that works on its own is make up forever HD foundation.

  17. Dark spots or not you are pretty! I suffer with melasma, pregnancy mask, spots and dots. I just changed my skin routine. I'm trying out 2 Pond's products that have great reviews. They are the Clarant B3 and Rejuveness (spell check) Creams. So far they make me skin feel and look better, just giving it time to fade it all. You can check out my progress on my blog.