Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Rewind + #running4maggie...

Wowza!  Monday already!?  The weekend started off with a BLAST and ended with a WHIZZER...
But, first things first!  I posted the picture above on my HomeGirl last week, and I'm currently working on pulling clothes out and taking pictures! I decided it will probably, well hopefully be easiest to create a second IG account and post all the clothes there so everyone can see everything! There will be some maternity stuff, mostly Hazel & Olive stuff, some workout apparel and some just random stuff! I will keep y'all updated!
Friday night I went on a dinner date with one of my most favorite friends, Fallyne!  I told The Husband I'd be home at 8:30pm, but after too many Double White Russians, an outrageous number of inappropriate and I'm sure slightly annoying SnapChats, I arrived home a little after Midnight!  Oops... Oh well!  The Husband has been gone M-F the last 3 weeks straight (even left yesterday, Sunday, for his fourth week out) so I don't feel!
My car reconfirmed that a good time was had by all the next day when I decided to actually crawl off the couch in search of some greasy food at approximately 11:30am.
 Saturday evening I had the Blue Moon 5k, it was the last of a 3 runs for Starlit Running's Summer Nighttime Race Series!  Granted I hadn't ran in almost 3 weeks, but I wanted that damn medal real bad!  Julie told me she would run/jog/walk whatever it with me if I wanted to do it!  I was all over it at that point!
 The first half of the run went great!  I felt good, I ran for the first time since my hip flared up!  It was awesome...until I realized I hadn't run for 3 weeks and that my conditioning has gotten so whacked out!  Yikes!  It always amazes me how fast we can lose our progress when it comes to running!  There was some walking and hip pain the second half of the run, but we finished in 37 minutes...not horrible!  I honestly went in expecting to walk the whole 5k, so I was pleased with being able to run some!  I stretched and iced like crazy Saturday night and yesterday and today the hip feels pretty good!  A little sore, but not much!  I am planning to run Tuesday and Thursday this week, like 2-3 miles and just see how it goes!
 This is how I looked after we had a Family Photo Shoot bright and early Sunday morning.  It was humid and hot, the children did not cooperate well and The Husband, well he was disgruntled to be there in the first let's just say I was glad it was over!  Phew!  My fingers were crossed that we captured just a few good shots...and that's when I was tagged in these on FB!
Headband - Dressy Band from Brady Bands
 Jack is a total POSER!  He loves having his picture taken and all the attention!  I knew we'd have great ones of him... I love this, my handsome little man!
 Norah Jane on the other hand...well, she refused to look at the camera - like at all!  While I love this eyelash shot, it's precious really...I do hope we have a few good ones of her pretty little face!
We also did "family" shots...I'm not holding my breathe on those!  #enoughsaid
Images Courtesy of Missy Mlekus Photography
 Yesterday afternoon I wrapped my Summer Runs up with the #running4maggie Virtual 5k that my good friend Sami organized in memory of her sweet sister, Maggie, who passed away last year in a car accident.  I honestly shouldn't even say it was a run, it was definitely a walk...but I needed to get it done and if walking was the only way, so be it!  Love You, Sami!
Simply Sami
 Sami is also raising money for the foundation she set up in honor of Maggie!  Use the button above to click over to her blog and read all about Maggie and Sami!
We polished off the weekend with a Pool Party for our neighbor's little boy's birthday!  The kids had so much fun!  Unfortunately, the party was from 6-8pm and the DIVA (no, not me...I know what you people are thinking) of the household goes to bed by 7pm on the regular.  At approximately 7:10pm the bedtime meltdown was in full force!  Thankfully, our super helpful, amazing and gracious neighbor said she would bring Jack home!  I really am so very lucky to have such awesome neighbors! 
Then Jack decided he needed to take a the back porch with his PJ pants at his ankles... #boyswillbeboys
I hope y'all had a great weekend too!  This weekend, we currently don't have one.single.event on our calendar...however, I'm debating whether to fill it up or not!? 



  1. LOVE!!!!!!! Thank you so much for spreading the word and participating! Can't wait until November!!!

  2. That picture of your son is classic! I relish in weekends where I don't have any commitments! I say leave it as is and see where the weekend takes you. :)

  3. YOU ARE AWESOME LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NUFF SAID =)

  4. hah I love the status about the volume of your radio. That is a sure sign that you had a great time the night before lol

  5. I love the pictures they are super cute! Plus the one of Jack peeing is priceless! HAHA!

    Good job on running! I take it your hip is feeling better?

  6. Yay for completing the starlight run trilogy! I'm glad your hip is feeling better. Pain sucks when you are trying to get shit done. Can't wait to see your family pictures, the previews are so cute!