Friday, August 23, 2013

5 on Friday...

Linking up with the #nametwin today for Five on Friday!  Let's do this...

Workout Tops!  I am loving all the kickass workout tanks, shirts and sweatshirts that are popping up all over the place!  These are some of my current favorites this week!

Top TWO are by Abundant Heart Apparel!  I will be wearing the MUD tank for my first Tough Mudder next month!  Eek!
Bottom TWO are by my girl, Vanessa, at Ruffles With Love!
Last, but not least, is one of my favorite foul-mouth Mommas, Kristen, at Thread Eleven!
Pictures of my Gorgeous, Should Be Baby Gap Models, Super Attractive, Funny, Sweet, Caring, Adorable Children!


Headbands!  From Dressy to Boho...headbands are my current obsession!  Good thing I rock the shit out of them!  Headbands For Everyone!

Top Row are Dressy Bands from Brady Bands!
Bottom Row are BohoChic Headbands from Three Bird Nest!
*no idea where Norah's headband came from...
Our amazing neighbors and friends and their kids!  Norah goes to bed by 7pm, but Jack is so lucky that we have amazing neighbors that always seem happy to let him tag along!

REASON FOUR AND A HALF!  Jack's Personality! 
Above is his impersonation of the little boy in the 2nd Hand Smoke poster at the doctor's office the other day!
On Point, Stylish Little Girl Clothes!  I've said it before and I'll say it again and again and again!
It makes me want to punch a kid's parents when I see them dressed in baby clothes.
  baby clothes: any children's article of clothing adorned with a Cartoon Character, Animal, Disney Princess - usually found in pastel colors.
This is Norah's latest haul from the Children's Place!  You love it!

Happy Weekend, B-Faces!

Do you did the Boho Chic Style?  Agree with my definition and hatred of baby clothes? Where's your favorite place to get cute workout tops?



  1. I iwsh I could pull off headbands like you do! Oh and I totally agree about the kids clothes. Neither of my boys will wear any character clothing or shoes. I do let Hunter wear character jammies though. Love the pics of your kiddos SO ADORABLE!

  2. Those are some pretty bebes! They are presh. I would love to buy one of those cute workout tanks but ugh-->bare arms. I just can't bring myself to bare my arms yet. They are flabtasic and need a tan. But someday it will happen. ;)

  3. I hear you on the bany clothes, it especially pisses me off with little girls, and when ppl don't fix little girls hair!! Infuriates me!!!! I am getting less uptight with Lincoln bc he destroys everything!!

  4. Ick, I hate Disney or any characters on clothes!!! My MIL was obsessed w/ them and I told her no way before aiden was born. She held off until 2 Xmases ago when she got the boys jammies w/ some stupid character on them. Guess where they went -- the back of the closet never to be seen again. Puke!

  5. His impression is cracking me up!!! I love when kids act like goofballs, they are so much funnier than adults =) ... You've got some heartbreakers in the makin' momma!! =)