Thursday, August 29, 2013


I am SO, SO, SO excited Y'all!  Vanessa from Ruffles With Love has so graciously agreed to provide the Top 3 Milers with one of her fitness tanks!  Yay!  I have quite the collection of her tanks and I love them, love them, love them!  If you haven't yet checked her out you should!

Ruffles With Love
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You ladies need to run, jog, walk it out this weekend because there are so many of you close to the Top 3 without many miles seperating you!  Now's the time to step it up and go out saying you CRUSHED IT!

First and foremost, please let me apologize for completely and utterly slacking on tracking everyone's progress for this challenge!  I mentioned this on IG the other day, but honestly since I've been riding the running bench - I just haven't been excited about this challenge.  Mostly I'm jealous and annoyed and that leads to frustration...I know you all know what I mean!  Anyway, I'm sorry for not getting more totals at different points throughout the last 55 days!  Did you catch that?  We only have FIVE days left of the challenge!  You can rack up alot of miles in 5 days!  You can!  I can't...and for that you better get your asses out and run!

I spent over FOUR hours last night calculating totals - so this means I know someone's miles have to be wrong! LOL, but seriously please email me at if your total is incorrect or you are missing completely or you are listed twice with different names. I have received some miles through email, some are on IG, etc. etc.
I'm just one woman with a hashtag and an email address so it's completely realistic that I have missed something, someone or some miles.
As of last night, we have 96 participants and have logged 4,682.13 miles in 57 days!  There were over 1,200 IG posts and I'm not sure how many emails, I'd guess 100+.
So take a look and see where you stand! 

I'm still working out prizes for the Top 3 Milers and hope to have that locked by Monday!  Final Miles will be posted on WEDNESDAY September 4th - winners will be announced and at that point there is NO GOING BACK!  So please, please, please, please, please - check your miles now and be sure to let me know about any and all miles you run today through Monday!  Hashtag it!  Email it!  Text it!  Whatever!
Last note, please remember if your Privacy Setting in IG is "PRIVATE" I cannot view your photos even if you are hashtagging so email me your totals and I will get you added like ASAP!
Love You, B Faces! xoxo


  1. Hey girl...thanks so much for doing this! I know it's hard to be on the side lines but we all appreciate it!!! I emailed you my miles since it's different than reported.:)

  2. I will be emailing you my numbers next Monday! I'm at about 30 miles right now. What was the official start date of the challenge?

  3. If I had known we were going to win something, I would have made sure to get more miles!!! Dang!!!