Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Streak On, Streakers...

Update: Runners World Summer Challenge, the RW Run Streak!
Holy Cow!  The #STREAKERS are more than half way done with the RW Run Streak Challenge!  Today marks Day 24 out of 39!  Holla!  The group is still hanging tough and I couldn't be more excited!  Through yesterday, Day 23, we have ran a total of 348.27 miles!  Amazing!
I unfortunately am having some trouble with shin splints!  It all started when I decided to go to a random Step Class at lunch last Monday (on the 10th), it was shin hell - rocking horses out the wazoo and jumping jacks that aimed to kill!  Since then my shins have been SCREAMING!  I decided to take it easy this week and just do my 1 mile per day requirement for the challenge and I've been icing and stretching like crazy!  The left one is feeling better/good, the right one...not so much!  I'm hopeful though that taking it easy this week will let me get back at it next week!

This past Saturday I ran the first of three runs in the JoMo Summer Night Run Series, The Starry Night 5k!  It was so fun, I got to meet up with a couple old friends, Julie (Instagram @julieamitchell) and Amanda!  I hadn't seen Amanda since Mardi Gras in STL back in February so I was excited to see her and catch up a bit - she is still just as nice and sweet as ever, she kicked that 5k's ASS and PR'd!  I also met Ashlee for the first time and I just love her!  She is so cute and so happy!  This was Ashlee and her Husband's first official 5k, can I tell you just how cute it is to see a couple be so supportive of each other and run together!?  It's almost sickeningly cute...  My old college friend, Brandy also ran - I love her and I hate her!  She is new to running, but it just seems to come easy to her and she has kicked my ass in the last two 5k's we've done together!  I'm totally's not a good look!
I also PR'd and finished in 33:43, which was like 27 seconds off my previous PR!  Holla!  The run was on a trail, which meant part gravel, part chat crap, part pavement.  On top of that add a shit ton of rain and you had yourself a messy situation, but it was a totally fun run!  Everyone had on glow stick bracelets and necklaces, which was almost a little trippy to me!  Eek! 
The next run in the series is on July 13th at 8:30pm in JoMo - A Midsummer Night!  I know Julie, Ashlee, Ashlee's Husband and I are running for sure!  Brandy has her 10 year HS reunion so she will miss it!  I hope Amanda decides to come down again though...hint, hint!  Who else is in the area?  Join us won't you?!


  1. It was so great to see you again too and congrats on your PR! Shin splints absolutely suck so I hope they heal soon. Nothing worse than stabbing pain when you try to run.

  2. You are fast! Yay for a PR. Hope your shins feel better.

  3. Ahh I totally know the feeling of running for awhile, and somebody new to running comes out and smokes you! I hate that- but good for them, hehe.

  4. You are doing awesome! and shin splints are the devil.

  5. Damn girl you are on fire! I still hate shin splints!

  6. Congrats on your PR! Hope those shins feel better stat!