Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's Back Y'all...

My most favorite, number one of all time, bested cannot miss guilty pleasure came back into my life last night!  You got it, Big Brother returned for it's 15th Season!  Hola!  I have to be honest and tell you upfront that Julie Chen is my favorite part of this entire production!  Cat Fights, Fist Fights, Sexy Time on TV ain't got nothing on Julie - she is the bomb baby!

Let's get familiar with the cast:
Aaryn, 22, College Student
First Impression - All American Girl, pretty, sweet and tough as nails!
Amanda, 28, Real Estate Agent
First Impression - That swimsuit is ALL wrong! She screams Jersey Shore/Housewives/Gypsy. That is all.
Andy, 26, Professor
First Impression - The Gay Ginger BFF I need in my life!
Candice, 29, Pediatric Speech Therapist
First Impression - Too nice, for now...
David, 25, Lifeguard
First Impression - "How did this guy make it to 25?"
Ladies, there is a thing as too F'n stupid - no matter how hot they are...David is the bestest most prime example.
Elissa, 27, Nutritionist
First Impression - Rachael Riley's HOTTER, YOUNGER sister!? Kill.Me.Now.
She thinks she can keep it a secret, umm...Hello?  Elissa, you there? Have you looked in a mirror lately?  Those duck lips of yours are a dead giveaway!  Oh and the boobs!  Oh, Oh and your whiny ass voice!
GinaMarie, 32, Pageant Coordinator
First Impression - Loud, Attention-Seeking, Abrasive (just like me)!
Helen, 37, Political Consultant
First Impression - Eh, didn't really make an impression...but she is rock'n that Green Bikini!
Howard, 29, Youth Counselor
First Impression - Passive Cockiness, "You see these guns? I could have held on forever, but I don't want to seem like a threat right off the bat..." says the guy that couldn't hold on to his popsicle for more than 8 minutes... Does he seem like a threat? Or just lame?
Jessie, 25, Unemployed
First Impression - Jealous and Insecure, "There are lots of pretty girls here, but I still think I'm the prettiest!" Sorry Jessie, I'm not sorry - but afraid not, Dear.
Judd, 26, Property Appraiser
First Impression - Quite Possibly the smartest person in the house.
Kaitlin, 23, Bartender
First Impression - THE hottest girl in the house, that's about all I remember.
McCrea, 23, Pizza Delivery Boy
First Impression - Not one person in the house believes he is really a Pizza Delivery Boy, the kicker...he really is.  He also won the first HOH!
Nick, 28, Entrepreneur
First Impression - I'm in love! He is so cute and just my type!  Go Nick Go!
Jeremy, 23, Boat Shop Associate
First Impression - Thinks he is a ladies man, this has yet to be proven.
Spencer, 31, Railroad Conductor
First Impression - Looks like a Lion, but is just a big 'ole Teddy Bear on the inside...I think!
The only item of relevance to last night's episode was the reveal of this season's curve ball.  This season, not just 2 house guests will be put on the block for eviction each week, but also a third house guest will sit in the Hot Seat!  The HOH will nominate the first 2 houseguests per usual, the kicker is that AMERICA will vote each week for the game's MVP - this MVP will be chose the third houseguest to go on the block!  The shit-kicker is that the MVP can remain anonymous, if they chose...never having to get blood on their hands, but doing all the slaying!  BOOM!
I'm going to try to post short recaps after each episode with the the biggest surprises, backstabs, hook-ups and evictions!
You're Welcome!
Who else is a BB fan?  Favorite houseguest this season so far?  Early predictions for the winner?


  1. Never watched this show, may have to start this season. I went to school with nick!! Crazy

  2. I think I'm actually rooting for Rachel's sister! Call me totally effing crazy, but I am! :p and I kinda like the train conductor!

  3. I think I'm rooting for cry baby Rachel's sister! I me crazy! I also like the train conductor. :o)

  4. I absolutely LOVE BB too! I agree with your assessment of all of them too. I think it's hilarious about McRae and them not believing he's a pizza boy. Lol! And Racheal's sister will be found out quick. She can't hide that she talks too much like her. Any fan will figure her out. I can't wait for more. My kids are always reenacting the challenges during the show. I'm an Arkansas girl so I've gotta root for Spencer for now.

  5. Ew Amanda looks gross in that suit. Can't stand Jessie. Nick is adorable. Spencer seems like the bad guy. Jeremy is pretty stupid too. I met a guy like surfer boy at the beach one year. He didn't know he had a hole in his shorts and we could all see his ass. Bless his heart lol

  6. Ha! Loved your opinion on all the people in the house. The only one I have to slightly disagee with you on is Amanda. There is something about her that I kind of like. And Alissa is actually growing on me a little bit. I don't love her but I don't want to go through the the and cover up her mouth every time she speaks (like I did when Rachel was on ;) ).

  7. I was really sad to see nick go :) he was my favorite now I am voting for Judd