Thursday, June 20, 2013

So What! Wednesday...

So What Wednesday
This week I'm saying SO WHAT! if...
  • I'm a day late and dollar short on SWW, better late than never...right?!
  • I post Bikini Pictures...I've earned it!  Missed them, well aren't you in luck...You're Welcome!
  • I screenshot Sami's comment on Ashlee's blog post simply because it boosted my mood!  It totally motivates me to keep going!  Thanks Sami, I totes (I can't believe I just typed "totes") want to meet you too!
  • I'm totally obsessed with my friend's new tattoo placement! I need some ink in my life soon!
  • This picture might have been MADE for me...Eek!
  • Jack has worn fleece pajama pants with hunting boots and no unders to daycare this week...I'm not fighting him on it, well not until he passes out from heat stroke - I might have to step in and insist at that point.
  • My BIL broke the Tree Swing - like we are talking the entire branch came crashing down with him - and instead of asking if he was OK, I laughed hysterically and took pictures! At least Oscar was concerned! *note the tree branch, with chain still attached...
  • Maybe I stole an Old Flame's picture off FB of his wife and did a side by side comparison, sent it to a couple friends with the caption "WTF"?
  • I know "Morning Stomach" doesn't last, I still love the capture the moment! There this morning, gone 15 minutes unfair!
  • I'm considering getting the Tough Mudder logo tattoo after we finish the course?  They do the tats on site at the event, how cool!?  Except I don't do colored ink, so modifications would have to be made...and maybe I'll just get the "running man" part?
  • I'm considering trying the Advocare Herbal Cleanse for the 4th time, knowing I've never made it past Day 5...Oy vey!  I'm currently participating in TWO DietBets and need a push to meet my goals!
  • I'm secretly, or not so secretly, super excited that the kids are spending the weekend at the in-laws!  Quiet time and naps sound AMAZING!
Anyone else want to join me and be late for SWW?  If so, use the button above to link up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew!



  1. Are you on a trampoline? Best way to lie out! My friend got the tattoo after that race and it sounded cool with all the hype and adrenaline going!

  2. You are so welcome!! :) We will one day!! Maybe we can do a race together!

  3. I think just the man for the tattoo would be awesome too!

  4. Fleece pants with no unders. poor buddy!!!

  5. Yeah I vote just the man. He's totally cool looking and it's not too IN YOUR FACE. haha! Also, you are super skinny and I am totally jealous. Flat stomach and perky boobs? Geeze, way to make the rest of us look bad ;)

  6. Lookin' great!! How are the boobers doing?? And is that a 5" long scar??? Or just a funny shadow?

  7. Ok, I'm wondering about the scar too, is it one? Oh good old morning stomach! You look damn good bye the way, post those bikini pics! And what a cool tattoo placement. I may just steal that one!