Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Rewind...

Hola Ladies! 
I'm linking up this morning afternoon with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans!brought to you via PICTURES! 
 one The Husband's newest tattoo, she might maybe kind of resemble someone we all know and love.
two Jack and Cam after the Friday Matinee of Monster's University, they loved it.
three The Last Exorcism Part 2 - we LOVE scary movies, this one pretty good.  The Husband is always more creeped out by them, so he couldn't sleep and stayed up until 3am working - although he will say it's because he has "so much work to do"...we all know the truth!
four Bean's Birth Date Tattoo, this is numero quatro in the ink department for me, love it!
 five Herbal Cleanse started yesterday so an Oreo Sonic Blast was a must Saturday evening!
six 21 AND OVER - hilarious!  So, so, so funny!  A must see - it's like The Hangover but the college edition!
seven Identity Theft - loved it!  It was amazingly funny.  You should add it to your list to see!
eight New tanks!  I shopped via text pictures from my good friend, B! We love Audacious Boutique.
Sunday Funday!!
nine Norah mucho enjoying her ice cream cone on a little break from the sun and pool!  Truth be told she wasn't in the best of moods.
ten The Super Moon or whatever, I made The Husband go outside and snap a picture at 11pm last night because I forgot and I think it's a requirement to have a picture of the Super Moon or whatever.
eleven The Monster, known as Oscar, that I had to deal with in the truck. Oscar no good truck rider!
twelve Who needs swimming trunks?  Not Jack, I'm hoping his love of the Speedo-style wears off by the time he hits middle school...yikes!
How were your weekends? 
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  1. Ohh I will have to watch the scary one! We like scary movies too even though I might freak out for a couple of nights after.

  2. I hate scary movies. I can't wait to see Identity Theft!

  3. Cody hates scary movies too. He's such a girl! Love the tattoo's!!

  4. Obviously, all the cool kids were getting tattoos this weekend. ;) Bean's birthdy turned out really nice and I love the pinup. Jason has one of those too, but a redhead of course.

    The kiddo pics are super cute and Jack's speedo is cracking me up!

  5. Not a big fan of scary movies, I get all anxious and stressed. LOL I love the new tattoos!!!! Makes me want to more ink!

  6. Loveeee the new tat! And jack is so cute even with a speedo addiction! :) you will rock the cleanse!

  7. OMG your kiddos are ADORABLE!!! Kick that cleanse's butt!! I want new ink so bad!! I don't know exactly what to get yet, something honoring my sister for sure...but don't know what!! :)

  8. Girl you know I love a good scary movie. My hubs not so much so I have to watch them solo or while he sleeps on the couch. Love the new ink and you know I adore your beautiful kids!!! That pic of Oscar is scary. Ha!