Friday, September 7, 2012

My Family...

Imagine the most beautiful, cute, adorable kid/baby you have ever seen... I'll give you a minute... now let me introduce you to MY beautiful, cute and oh so adorable babies!  Don't be jealous, we know they scored in the looks department, hell they are in a league of their own.  It's almost unfair how insanely attractive they are...

First up, is my main man - Jack!
Jack @ 3 Years
Next, their first professional picture together!
PS - Check out the lashes on little Miss! I'm jealous!
She adores him, He loves her
Last, but not least, my best girl - Norah!
Norah @ 3 Months
And for good measure, here are the Faces of my Family!

Who do you think they look like?

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