Monday, September 24, 2012

Herbal Cleanse...

Today I'm starting Advocare's 10 Day Herbal Cleanse. Seriously, ladies I don't know what is wrong with my body me!  4 weeks ago I was down to 170.8 pounds, this morning the scale (and no I'm not shitting you) read 180.4 - like WTF?  I've been running doing the C25K training program the entire time and I'm not overeating - might not have always made the best food choice, but I wasn't over indulgent!  10 effing pounds...seriously kill me now!  I hate this shit!

Anyway, I'm doing this cleanse b/c quite frankly I feel full of like shit!  I'm so gassy and constipated to boot!  I'm also seriously trying to break my soda habit with this cleanse as well so I'm also trying out Advocare's Spark "energy" drink.  I took some before pictures and I took my measurements - I'll share those at the end!

Also, Mama Laughlin's FB Fit Camp group has started a blog: Mama L's FB Fit Camp Group Blog and the ladies over there are starting 31 Days of Jillian on October 1st.  Since I'm running my first 5K this coming Saturday I thought doing the 30DS would be a perfect way to switch things up a bit!  Join me, won't you?

This morning started off with a good ole Fiber Drink which resulted in a horrible gag reflex all morning and face to match!  Seriously, it wasn't the taste, it was the texture!  Yuck-o!

Certain days you drink the Fiber Drink, every night you take some pills, then on other days you take some other pills!  I'm a wealth of knowledge, can't you tell!  I'll keep you girlies posted as the days fly creep by and I'm salivating for an effing cheesburger!  :-(

Look for a complete Day 1 recap tomorrow - hopefully maybe!


  1. I have the same problem. If I could just go to the bathroom on a regular basis I would be five pounds lighter. I'm doing the 31 days of Jillian too!

    1. Same thing here, maybe even 10 pounds! Ha! That's how I honestly feel though! Hopefully the cleanse will kick my ASS into gear, literally!

  2. I have the same problem with the constipation. Warm Prune juice (GAG!!!!!) is helpful to me though! Hang in there it'll all come out! ha!!!