Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day in the Life of...Me!

I'm linking up with Holly and many other blogging ladies for a "Day in the Life" party!  Since I'm giving away my linking virginity I hope it's worth it!  :-)

Without further delay, here is a day with me in my Hot Momma Shoes...be jealous (of the shoes, not necessarily my day)! ***
G by Guess - I'm a size 7.5!!
Chris' (the husband) alarm usually starts blaring anytime between 5:30 - 6:00am, ugh!  But no way do I get up then.  I usually yell like hell and shake him politely nudge him and whisper "Your damn alarm is going off.  Get up!  Turn it off, you are waking everyone up!" and at some point during my rant peaceful wake up call I strip the covers off of him!  Yeah, I'm nice like that!

My alarm starts going off at 6:30am, but I still don't get up.  I'm a snooze-aholic.  I love to snooze.  I used to snooze for over a good hour before getting out of bed, now it's down to a 27 minute snooze!  When I finally decide I need have to get out of bed, I roll over to this...
My Main Man, Jack
It NEVER fails, he always sneaks in our room at some point and quietly gets in bed - but at least he doesn't wake me up, right?! I love waking up to him, unless it's one of those mornings when I'm still so groggy that I don't pay attention hear what he requests for breakfast (in my bed) and bring him Tiny Top Tops instead of a Big Top Top (pop tarts) or bring him a Rice Crispie Treat instead of a Cereal Bar - spoiled much!  Either way, my mistake results in full on tantrums - he is 3 after all.  To which I say, "I'm sorry I made a mistake, but you can either eat that or not - it's up to you!"  Which prompts more screaming and crying as I walk to my bathroom and close the door and turn on the radio.  Norah also is handed her bottle at this same time, since she is more of a Morning Girl - she is allowed into the bathroom with me while she drinks her bottle and I get ready.

Then it's the normal getting ready for the day: use the restroom, brush teeth, wash face, toner, face lotion, make up, hair and then I stare at my closet debating what to wear... by now it's usually close to 7:35am and I look decent - evidence below...
90% of the time, I go with Contacts

The other 10%, Glasses
Now, this is where I'm spoiled; I have to be at work by 8:00am - it's now 7:35 and I still have to get the kids to daycare and then make the 10 minute drive across town to work.  Well, in order to accomplish this - my awesome daycare provider, Tonya (who loves my children like her own - they are the obvious faves), dresses my children for me - I just pack a bag every night!  After I get dressed, I send Jack into the bathroom where he uses the restroom and puts on his shoes while I change Norah's diaper.  Then we brush his teeth and we are out the door by 7:40-7:45am, it takes exactly 2 minutes to get to daycare.  I'm usually back into my car by 7:50am and the road rage kicks in as I drive like a lunatic across town!

Once at work I am in my office, sitting in front of my computers most of the day.  Every day is different, some are full of back to back meetings, then there are days when I only look up and say hello to my coworkers as they pass my door.  There is lots of emailing with my 2 best girls Chelse and Chelsea - we've known each other since 6th grade - Go Royster Rockets!
Between 11:00-11:30am I usually head out for the Y and my lunch run.  I'm currently doing the C25K training program and have my first race the end of this month!
After I run, I head back to my office, eat a quick lunch... which is usually left-overs, a smart one or a Subway sandwich.
Then it's back to the grind and lots of these...
But I do take some breaks and kick back and relax...
5:00pm rolls around and it's time to head out and pick up the rugrats.  We get home around 5:25pm, and if it's MWF we let Norah do this...
However, if it's TTh - we do a quick change and head back to the Y for Jack's swim lessons...
We arrive back home at 7:00pm on swim nights and it's time to feed the lions - which means everyone, but Momma.  Then it's bath time!
He usually doesn't do this!!

My Best Girl, Norah Jane
Norah is usually in bed by 7:00pm - unless it's TTh (by the way, she doesn't appreciate her schedule being "Jacked" with - literally!  Get it?  Jacked with?  I know you got it!  After Bean is in bed, it's Jack's time to go wild!  Hunting, Fishing, Saving America or NYC and Mess Making are usually all on his agenda.  His bed time is anywhere from 8:00-8:30pm, we brush teeth and turn on the movie of his choice for the night.  I set the sleep timer for 60 minutes and we usually hear from him at least once in that first hour, but most of the time he nods off in his own room - that is until he wakes up and makes the sneak attack to our room!


After both rugrats are in bed, it's usually Momma's dinner time.  The it's TV time (which covers all of the following activities - FB stalking, blogging, reading blogs, emailing, reading, texting, or actually watching TV - I also shower at some point during this time).  I'm usually in my bed by 10:00pm and aim for asleep by 10:30-11:00pm.

Wowza!  That was long - I'm exhausted just thinking of my day!  I hope you enjoyed your glimpse into my life!

*** Disclaimer:  Many of you might be wondering if I'm a single Mom!  I'm not, the husband travels for work ALOT!  If he is in town he is usually gone before we wake up and maybe home before Jack goes to bed, but rarely before Norah does.  But if he is home, he helps - giving baths is usually his job if he is home.  He also is the primarily "housekeeper" (most of which gets done on the weekends) - he washes the dishes, cleans the bathrooms, does all the outside work. My jobs are taking care of the babies, laundry and sweeping/vacuuming.  Just wanted to throw that out there!  But this post was about our everyday and that's what I wanted to represent!



  1. OMG your kids are so cute! Looks like you have a busy (and fun!) day. I'm your newest follower!

  2. Your kids are cutie pies. I love those shoes... I just saw you were them on instagram. :) And did that Captain American costume come from the Dinsey store? I saw it for $50, but couldn't bite the bullet.

    Thanks for losing your linking virginity to us! :)

  3. New to your blog via Holly's blog. New follower, here! Your kiddos are super cute! I love that when I first wrote my post I had to go back and add the hubby in too because it seemed like I was a single mom too, but alas, hubby is also the house cleaner in our house too, so when I talk about my day with the boy, it seemed like he played no part, when he does everyday! You have a super busy life! Oh, one more thing, I think you look great in both glasses and contacts!

  4. CUUUUUUUUUUUTE kids. I know the live of a traveling husband. Fun stuff. I will be following:) Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks so much for linking up with us. I loved reading about your busy day. Your little ones are so adorable!

  6. Love those shoes!!!!!! Busy busy day from the sounds of it :)

  7. Beautiful babies! I want to participate in this "linkup party", but I haven't figured it out yet. -to be continued...