Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So What!? Wednesday...

This week I'm saying So What!? if...
  • The Gum Tissue Grafts are happening tomorrow...I'm not excited about it, but I am excited for the post-surgery narcotics that will enable me to be in a sleepy-slash-stoned slumber-perfect state for the next FOUR days!  #ifyouneedmeiwillbesleeping #notresponsibleforthewordsthatcomeoutofmymouth 

  • I'm going to plug my friend, Carrie's lip gloss RIGHT NOW! Carrie is the owner and vision behind Sta-Glam! Carrie is a makeup artist and recently released her very first Lip Gloss! I of course had to buy 4 different colors due to my new found obsession with lip color!  In the picture above I'm wearing Blush Crush! Carrie is expanding her product lines and just added a 6 piece brush set for your eyes! You can find Carrie and Sta-Glam on Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE and the Sta-Glam website HERE. You can view and purchase all of her lip glosses and brushes on her online store HERE.
  • Norah might be watching too much Miley Cyrus; I think her dancing is too cute! Get It, Girl!                                                                       You're Welcome!

  • I didn't even weigh in for Week 2 of my DietBet...I knew I wasn't going to be pleased with the result so I just didn't go there. F!
  • I brought the kids up to the office yesterday to see their "Papa Eddie" who was in town for meetings...and if Jack maybe attempted to junk punch our Lead Counsel...and then said "Close your eyes, it's ok..." when said Lead Counsel caught his wrists mid-junk punch...and if Jack then proceeded to tell 2 male coworkers that they were "too big, too fat!"                                                                                       #facepalm #smh #yeahnothatsnotmykid #sobad 

What do you have to say So What!? to this week? Wish me luck tomorrow, eek!

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