Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mi Familia...

Hey Y'all! I wanted to do a post today about Me! Me! Me! Me! and my little family!

Let's start with Me! Me! Me! Me! I am a super smart (no really, I am), confident, sassy, honest, cute, dirty thirty-one year old Momma of two. I work full-time, love to run and work out, I have a slight major shopping addiction and a passion for fashion. I live in SEK (Southeast Kansas), born and raised, with my adorable little family!

Welcome To The Spear Shack!

The Husband is a Gypsy, traveling non-stop for his career! This means I single-mom-it M through F most weeks! We have been married 5 long, long, long years; which tends to happen when you get knocked up on your Honeymoon...or maybe it was the week of the wedding, but I'll never tell! Eek!

The Son is all Boy! Jack Nolan is an out of control, rambunctious, handsome, hilarious and sweet 4 year old!  He loves all things outdoors; hunting, baseball, helping his Papa in his garden, finding flowers for his Momma, jumping on the trampoline or playing with his neighborhood friends! He is a wonderful big brother; he is patient, kind and never minds sharing his food, drink, toys or whatever else his baby sister demands.

The Daughter is a Diva! Norah Jane (Bean) is just like her Momma and she only just turned 2 years old! Some call is cute, I call it Karma! She loves brushing her hair and putting on makeup, wearing dresses every single day, taking care of her babies and always insists on having a bow in her hair! She also has a sassy side and she doesn't hesitate to tell you if things aren't going her way! The Husband calls her a Sour Patch Kid which is actually a perfect description of her, one minute she smacks the shit out of you and the next she is hugging and loving on you!

The Dog is an almost 4 year old Boxer! Oscar! We adopted Oscar in May 2013, and now, I don't think any of us could imagine life without him! He is the BEST pup! He allows the kids to maul him and he never reacts, but yet he is just playful enough when he rough-houses with Jack! He is protective, he thinks he is a lapdog, and he is the best snuggle buddy EVER!

So that's us...I hope you'll stick around and ride this roller coaster that we call life with us!  Eventually I want to do some Home Tour posts too...if I can ever get this house how I want it! 


  1. You have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Love seeing all your pictures always!! Such a photogenic family!!

  3. You have a beautiful family! Love the family pictures. xoxo

  4. You have a beautiful family, love allthe pictures. xoxo