Monday, February 10, 2014

Mother F'n Monday + More DietBetters...

It's Monday and it's definitely a Mother F'n one. Woke up to like 4 inches of snow on top of the crap left over from a week ago! Yuck! School is cancelled, Bunko is cancelled and now it looks like I'm going to have to go to Walmart. Boooooooo....

DietBet Week 1 Update

Week 1 of my DietBet is OVER! Whew! I hate to admit that I wasn't as focused as I should have been, with both exercise and eating, but I did feel like I made better food choices then normal and I did workout I think 2 times womp womp... I weighed in this AM though and am down 3.2 pounds! Holla!

The DietBet ended up with way more participants then I imagined! We have 35 people doing it and that puts the POT at $700 dollhairs! Say whaaaaaaat!?  

I looked this AM and as a group we lost 57 pounds in Week 1 but only 19 don't quote me on the number participants have weighed in! So that's awesome, like an average of almost 3 pounds per person! Woot! Woot!

There's still time to join!  I think you can join up to like 14 days in to the bet, but you don't get more time to lose the weight! Make sense?! If you did miss out on this round, no worries! I think I'm going to do one for the next 2-3 months straight too because I have Boudoir Pictures in May! Eek! More on that later! But for now, meet some more of my DietBetters!

Hi y'all, it's Marie! I live in Southern California, have 2 kids, and a full time job. Weight was never an issue for me because I've played soccer since I was 5......then came the babies. I gained 50lbs both pregnancies (yikes!) and it took me 4 years to get back to pre-pregnancy weight with my first (double yikes!). After I had my 2nd I did Weight Watchers for a while and lost almost 40lbs, but I plateaued and stopped the program. I've been sitting at my current weight since then and now that my little one is almost 2, I'm determined to get that last 10 pounds off! 

I weighed myself today at 140lbs. Sounds normal right? Not when you're 5ft tall it doesn't....ugh!!!! My goals for the month are to get back on track with my eating habits (packing a lunch and healthy snacks daily) and maximize my exercise (adding home workouts on top of my weekly soccer games)...and of course  to look better naked! ;) I'm excited to share this journey with y'all and find some fitness friends along the way.....let's do this ladies!!!!!!

Isn't Marie cute, y'all!  I just LOVE her! We seemed to bond instantly via social media; whether over kids, Excel (I'm better than she is, ha!), tattoos or the people we "love to hate"...we are always on the same page!  Now if I can just get my ass to sunny CA and visit her! #someday
You can find her on Instagram @cbs1angel

Hey y'all!  My name is Jessica and you won't find me blogging anywhere. I thought about blogging and decided I'm not interesting enough!  I live in Tennessee with my husband and our teenage daughter. 

My weight has always been an issue for me but really more so after I had my daughter...when I was 15. {that's a whole other story!} Late into my pregnancy I developed toxemia and ended up with 30 pounds of water weight on top of being very pregnant already. My body just wasn't able to go back and I was left with A LOT of excess skin on my belly.  It was so hard for me to convince myself to get healthy and lose weight when doing so created more sagging skin.  Last November my husband made my dreams come true and I had a tummy tuck. I did it, not to "become skinny" but to get to a place where I love me and believe I AM worth it. I am worth the effort. I am worth the blood, sweat, and tears that it will take to get to that place where I like what I see in the mirror. It's for me and no one else. 

I'm starting the dietbet weighing in at 182.5. I'm hoping to develop some better eating habits over the next 28 days. To develop a workout schedule and stick to it. To find motivation, encouragement, and accountability. And also to maybe be able to provide those things in return for some of you ladies, even if it's just one of you. Good luck, y'all!  Let's do this!! 

Oh, man! I love Jessica! She has been working her butt off and to see her just come out of herself after her surgery a few months back makes my heart flutter! I was supposed to meet Jessica IN PERSON this past Fall in Chicago, but in the end it wasn't meant to be...yet!  You can find her on Instagram @jbarnett27

Cheers to a HEALTHY Week 2!!! Xoxo


  1. and theeeeeeeere it is......oh man I am really looking forward to the after pictures...maybe I'll even wash my hair for them! :p

    Weighed myself and I am down 2lbs.....goes to show how the crap you put in your mouth really effects your weight!

  2. My first week was ok, although I haven't weighed yet!! Maybe next week!!

  3. Good luck've got this!!

  4. I was doing awesome at the beginning of the week and then the weekend came and let's just say I undid all my good work, womp womp. and with all the snow I did not work out once. UGH. So I'm hitting hard this week to make up for the weekend. plus I have a stinking half marathon that I HAVE to start training for. This stupid KS winter is KILLING ME. I'm ready for spring, ASAP!

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