Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thankful Thursday...

I'm linking up with two gorgeous gals, Jenna and Crystal, today for the very first installment of Thankful Thursday!  Holla!

The rules are simple...all you have to do is grab the button, paste it into your blog, and then enter your post back on the host's page. All you have to do is tell about 5 things that you are thankful for right now, (they can be serious, funny or a mix of both) and that's it! Easy, peasy! Now... LET'S DO THIS!
{uno} The Chinese takeout sitting on my desk that I'm currently consuming as I type!  Dear Crab Rangoon, I love you!  I love you more than anyone should ever love any food item, but I do!  I can't deny, hell I don't even try, I would eat you all day everyday if I simply didn't give a shit!  But once a week will do...most weeks!  Until next week...I will miss you every second of every minute of every hour of every day! xoxo

{dos} This HOT ASS tank from Ruffles With Love!  I just got 4 new ones and all but one seems to have a sexual that the right word...innuendo?  Did I spell it right?  Anyway, they are all like mucho!
{tres} My new Chromebook The Husband got me for our anniversary!  You should be thankful too!  This means I can blog from home in the evenings = more posts from this girl right here! 
You're Welcome!
{quatro} The CHIEFS!!!!!!  I went to my very first game at Arrowhead this past Sunday and honestly...I'm not sure how I've lived 30.5 years without experiencing the loudest, bestest, most funnest stadium experience ever!  Needless to say, we are going to another game next month!  Yay!
{cinco} This girl right here!  Molly and I haven't even known each other a year (yet), but I swear she is my soul-sister-mate whatever!  I can't remember a day that's gone by that I haven't talked to her; she lets me bitch, whine, cry, yell, be a complete dumb ass, make a fool of myself, make bad choices, she knows all my secrets...whatever...and she never judges me and always supports me!  Love her!  In the past 10 months we met, celebrated my Dirty Thirty, ran our first 10k together, celebrated her Dirty Thirty, and experienced my first Chiefs game together!  And come this Saturday, we are going to share another big day together...our first Tough Mudder!  We only hope to live to tell the tale!  Wish us luck!  Cross your fingers!  Say a little prayer!  I'm SO excited!  Molly is SO freaking out!
What are you Thankful For this Thursday!?


  1. Heck yeah, lady!! So glad that you linked up with us!! Thank you so much!

    And can I just say that I am right there with ya on the crab rangoon!! They are out of control amazing!

    Second, I'm in LOVE with that tank top! I'm thinking I might just have to go and order myself one (or ten) of them!

    Third, you are out of control gorgeous.

    That is all. Have a great night :)

  2. Love some crab rangoons...amazing. I love the shirt too...but what can I say...I like dirty!! That Chromebook is BOSS!! love ya girl!

  3. Crab Rangoons are the ish for sure. Yummmmmm

  4. I LOVE her tanks! I have the Super Cala Frag Alistic Expe Ala Dope Shit :) It's my fave! There is another girl on etsy called Sunset Designs and she is my fave to! I bought a tank from her that says run more than you mouth :) and that is the end of that awesomeness :) Thank you for linking up!! Hope to see you again next Thursday!

  5. Good luck on your tough mudder. That shit is no joke. Love love ruffles with love tanks. It's safe to say I own way to many and want many more.

  6. I love your tanks! They are awesome!! looks from instagram you survived Tough mudder!! Way to go!!