Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dirty Thirty Update...

In honor of Throwback Thursday, I'm going to throw it back to January 2013 when I shared my plan to accept and embrace my Dirty Thirty with y'all! 
Let's play a little catch up for those of you who are new(er) around here!
So here is the deal, I'm going to list out 30 things, items, tasks, adventures, goals, targets - whatever you want to call them - that I want to accomplish in my 30th year here on this great place we call Earth! Awesome right, and so not overdone...HP! My items will be anything from fitness or cosmetic improvements, foods I've never tried, places I want to go, people I want to see/meet, things I want to have the balls to wear in public - pretty much whatever! I'll keep track and update as each item is scheduled and completed! Boo-ya! Sounds amazeballs, right?! I'll admit, I just thought of this concept this morning (like 10 minutes ago), so I might not list all 30 right here and now because I don't want them to be lame, ordinary and/or expected goals!
Below are updates, progress reports if you will, on all Dirty Thirty items!  You're Welcome!

one Run 3 10k Races - One down!  Two to go...

Groundhog Run 10k - January 2013
two Run a Half Marathon - I am officially registered for the Route 66 Half in November, but with the whole hip/IT Band/knee injury I'm already considered dropping to the 5k option for this one!  I've just now gotten back to 2-3 mile interval walk/runs.  I have until the 1/25/14 to accomplish this one though so I hopefully will still be able to get this done!
Route 66 Half Marathon - November 2013
three Get New Boobies - Mission Accomplished! You can find out all about the process from beginning to end here, here, here and here !!  As a final update - I love them!  Couldn't be happier with the results! 

four Run five or more 5k Races - Mission Accomplished!
Joplin Memorial Run 5k - May 2013
Starry Night 5k - June 2013
A Midsummer Night's 5k - July 2013
Stars & Stripes Virtual 5k - July 2013
Blue Moon 5k - August 2013
Running For Maggie Virtual 5k - August 2013
five Get to my pre-baby weight - This honestly seems like a never-ending battle!  I've bounced around the same 5-8 pound range since April!  I have about 15 pounds left to lose to hit this goal! To Be Continued...

six Rock a swim suit with no shame at the public swimming pool this summer - Mission Accomplished!  More than once!
Norah Jane rock'd the shit out of her BIKINI too!
seven Fit into my wedding dress!

eight Experience Mardi Gras STL Style - Mission Accomplished! You can read about that here!

nine Take a girls trip - I've done lots of girl's weekends, but the big Girl's Trip is going down in November!  Chi-Town Baybay!

ten Visit another country - Mission Accomplished!  The Husband and I spent 8 days, 7 nights in Cancun, Mexico for my brother's wedding the end of April!  It was a much needed and amazing vacation!
 eleven Get Norah Jane's Birthdate tattoo - Mission Accomplished! twelve Get Eleanor Roosevelt quote tattoo!

thirteen Get E.E. Cummings quote tattoo - Mission Accomplished!

i carry your heart

fourteen Take the kids to Branson for vacation - Mission Accomplished!

fifteen Go for a hot-air balloon ride!
sixteen Take Jack horseback riding!
seventeen Go to a concert! - I'm supposed to go to a PINK concert in November, I'm just not a big concert person I guess!  Although I really wanted to go see T Swift when she was in KC and I had plans to go see Miranda Lambert with all the Memphis Bloggers, but that fell through! 
eighteen Family Camping Trip - We've camped in the living room...does that count?
nineteen Get my photo wall done at the house!
twenty Hang curtains in the living area!
twenty-one Do a Tough Mudder - I actually have TWO Tough Mudders coming up and I'm scared shit less!  First one is next Saturday 9/21 in Topeka, KS and the second one is 10/26 in Dallas, TX!
twenty-two Go to my FIRST ever KC Chiefs NFL game - We are going to the Chiefs versus Cowboys game this Sunday for our anniversary!  Boom!
twenty-three Meet my TWINIE Kassie from Southern Girl Gets Fit!
twenty-four Purge my closet and get rid of or sell a shit ton of clothes - Mission Accomplished!  Have you checked out Second_Hand-Style on my HomeGirl yet?  If not, you've missed out on a ton of clothing sales!  It's the best!
twenty-five Do Norah Jane's Big Girl Room - I found her bed, it's awesome!  We are planning to do her room for her big Christmas present!  I'm so excited!
twenty-six Get Jack to sleep in his bedroom!
twenty-seven Adopt a pet - Mission Accomplished!  Meet Oscar the Boxer!
twenty-eight Take a long weekend trip to see my Queen B, Brecken in CO since she deserted me here in KS!
twenty-nine Sky Dive!  Eek!
dirty thirty Get my Twerk, Wobble and Dougie on all in the same night!
If anyone wants to volunteer to help me accomplish any of the remaining missions, please feel free to email me - we'll make plans!


  1. I think we can get your twerk dougue dance moves accomplished in November. Lol!!!

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  3. Excited that I will be a part of one of your Dirty Thirty items!

  4. You are doing great!! The other night I was talking about something I read or saw on your instagram and my husb ask me when I was finished "Who is Darci?" It was funny, even though I have never met you, and we don't talk that much (We should change that) it seems like you get to know so many people on instagram and reading their blogs.

    Geez as I read that it seems as though I sound like a creeper! I am not I promise :)

  5. You've done an awesome job on lots of your goals already! I hope you continue to have fun accomplishing the rest.

  6. I love the list....I think I need to make a list!!

  7. I didn't realize the Tough Mudder was next weekend, maybe I'll come out to cheer you on!

  8. I signed up for the half in November too. It looks like I might be walking because of my knee. Womp Womp!