Friday, September 6, 2013

5 on Friday...

Linking up again on this fine Friday with the #nametwin for 5 on Friday!
Jamberry Nails!  I just put my first set on last night and I am in LOVE!  Full Details, Review and Giveaway coming next week!  Eek!  If you absolutely cannot wait feel free to contact my friend, Lacey at and she will get you all set up!  You can also check out her Jamberry Facebook page HERE.

London Fog
Football!  I'm not a huge football fanatic, especially like the NFL - I'm from Kansas and the Chiefs suck - but I do love me some college football!  Probably not the colleges you think of though...have you heard of Pittsburg State University? PSU? Gus the Gorilla?  No...well, that's where I went to college and it's where I still live today and let me tell you what, Pitt knows how to The Jungle no less!  Eek!  It's so fun! 
#wedoitintheparkinglot #onceagorillaalwaysagorilla #pittstate #welcometothejungle
PS - The owner of the company I work for was on this video, he was the one in the RED! 
My new dermatologist, well, actually his PA!  I had my first appointment with today and I already love her!  She is putting me on an antibiotic to prevent breakouts (which really isn't my main concern/problem but I'm game), prescribed a cream to use at night to help fade the dark spots (my main concern/problem) and the best part - she did a 15% TCA Peel today!  I'm so excited to see how much better my skin can look over the next 6 months!  Squeal! Eek!
Blowdrying Norah Jane's Hair! We never used to dry her hair, no clue why just didn't!  Well the other night the kids were at daycare late and had dinner and their baths before I picked them up...Tonya said something about blowdrying Bean's hair and how she loved it and I was all "say what!?"  I've dried the past 2 nights and I love it!  She loves it!  It's our new "thing"!!
Just for shits and giggles, here is my little beauty humming herself to sleep! 
It's dark, so what!?  Turn your speakers up!
Preschool!  Jack started 4 year old preschool this week!  He will go 2 days a week, T/Th!  I was a little worried how he would do after the open house last week, but he surprised me at drop off Tuesday!  He was excited and ready to PLAY!  He went right in and took charge!  I sure do LOVE that boy...even though he dropped the "Hands In Aca-Bitches!" on me the other night!  LOL.
Jack and Bella on their first day!
Class Tree-Hand Collage...can you find Jack's?
Jack is obsessed with the class fish!
Jack would not stop talking about the Bunny that came to visit today!


  1. Seriously, your little girl is going to break some hearts some day!! What a doll!! Have a great weekend, lady!!

  2. Bean might be the most adorable little girl! And Jack! Precious! Also, cannot wait for the Jamberry nails review. Thinking I need some pronto!

  3. Bean is so darn adorable and Mr Jack isn't too bad himself! Beautiful kiddos! Cannot wait for the Jamberry nails giveaway/review. I must order some!

  4. I bet she does love it. She wants to be just like her mama, I'm sure. :) She's a doll.

  5. your babies are precious! and I'm excited to hear how this peel works out for you... keep us posted!! ;)

  6. I love my dermatologist! Even though paying for it isn't much fun. Hopefully, this new treatment works great for you! Norah is just too darling and Jack has the cutest little smile. So sweet.

    Oh hey, I nominated you for a sunshine award. Come play along with me!