Thursday, April 4, 2013

H&O Workout Tank Review...

Morning Ladies!  The Lovely Taylor at Hazel & Olive Boutique sent me the very FIRST Stronger Than You Think workout tank from her new line about a month ago!  Sadly, just this week has been the first time I've gotten to wear them (I purchased one of the Drop It Like A Squat tanks) since I haven't been able to workout since the BOOBS happened!  Now, I have to say - I'm not normally a huge fan of tank tops for working out, or in general, but these tanks are amazing!  I still might not show them off in public because I'm conceited and insecure like that when it comes to my huge arms and back fat, but I'll rock these bad girls all around my house for now and I'm hoping in another 15 pounds I'll be good with rocking them on the road or at the Y or wherever!
But seriously, these tanks are the SOFTEST material ever!  They are super lightweight and a great length!  I would say they run a bit on the small(er) side, both of mine are Larges and they aren't big by any means.  Overall though, I love them and I'm just waiting for her to make an I Love Kansas tank!  Hint!  Hint!
H&O has tons of color options and sayings to chose from! 
Taylor also recently added a t-shirt style to the line as well!
This Incline Walking Workout is Tough! 
Work by Iggy Azalea is my current FAVORITE workout song - you should totally check it out!
I also only wear Urban Halo headbands when I work out!  They are great for me b/c I sweat...alot!
My At Home Garage Gym!  What?!
H&O Stronger Than You Think Tank - Size Large
H&O Drop It Like A Squat Tank - Size Large
I'm doing Alyssia's, @100daysofcleaneating on IG, April Fit Challenge!  It's #WallSitMonth... FYI - Wall Sits Suck!
Erin's DietBet ended yesterday!  I need/want to do another one to keep this "roll" I got going on!  I searched the website and found this starts Monday!  I think I'm going to do it, join me won't you?!
  And now for your viewing please, a hot, sweaty, breathless Darci!  Enjoy!  You're Welcome!
My Bestie Julie's wedding is tomorrow!  Eek!  So excited!  I'm heading to Wichita tonight after work and the festivities begin tomorrow!  I apologize in advance for blowing up your IG or FaceBook feeds #sorryimnotsorry ....but if you want to follow along in real time make sure you are following me on Instagram @ darci_spear or on FB @ Darci Spear.  Love You, B's!



  1. you are doing AWESOME!!!! PS we might have to group facetime while in StL since you couldn't come. :)

  2. Those tanks are too cute! Wall sits do suck!

  3. Those tanks are super cute. Thanks for the heads up on the sizing. Guess I'll have to wait for some lbs to magically disappear since my girls would definately not fit in there. Looking good girl

  4. You should check out Abundant Heart Apparel's tanks! They have similar motivational quotes on them but they are more flowy towards the bottom and not as form fitting which makes them super comfy to work out in! I have the Life Love Lift one and am waiting on A Little Sweat Never Hurt Nobody right now haha I love them!

  5. I am on day 9 of the cleanse! I did cheat a little this last Saturday because I really needed a cocktail or 4 (HA!) but I just did vodka waters with lemon. If I can stick to it, you can! Good luck! I just came across your blog today. If you have a chance, check out mine at