Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NYE Rewind...

I said on Monday that NYE is always a fail in my book, and to be honest for the first hour or so that we were out I thought 2012 would be no different! But then I read some of the responses on FB and My Home Girl (Instagram for those not in the know) and decided to make the most of that's exactly what I did! Making the most of it = Drinking vodka like it was being outlawed, and in the end I had a fabulous night... minus the whole busting my ass on the dance floor and still not being able to walk today! Ouch!
Casual NYE Outfit - Black Dolman Top and Olivia Necklace from Hazel and Olive Boutique
NYE Makeup - MAC Eyelashes and Nude Lip
Two of my Fave Girls - Kayla and Amanda
The Backup Husband - Greg.  He is The Husband's BFF and so totally cute (also Amanda's BF)
DJ Nate Kirk on the microphone - he busted out a nice rendition of Bone Thugs
Fave Pic of the night!
Midnight Pic
Poppin' Bubbly
Makin' a Mess
New Year's Kiss for all my Ladies
Looking back on all my posts yesterday I realized I said "You know its a good night when..." like a million times!
So in the end NYE was great, good times with awesome friends and my new BFF Vodka because she never fails me and never leaves me with a hangover the next day!  Score!

Here's to 2013! xoxo


  1. Vodka is my girl too!!! Hope your foot doesnt stay hurt!

  2. LOVE your necklace! The pics look like ya'll had a great time! Drinking like it's outlawed is always a recipe for fun! Hope that ankle feels better soon! Happy Wednesday!

  3. that's what BFFs are for! you can always count on the alcohol. lol

  4. Yes Vodka is my dear friend. I heart her... WTG girl - love NYE's. I love that hat pic - so cute.

  5. Your makeup looked fab-fuckin'-tastic!! Oh and PS - hope your foot gets feelin' better!

  6. Love your makeup. Next vlog NYE makeup tutorial ha!

  7. Can I just say that I LOVE your makeup?!!!!!!! You looked HOT. Of course, you always look hot but this is like hot x's 10000000000000000. Damn girl.