Thursday, August 16, 2012


I started the Couch To 5K (C25K) training program this week and it's going wonderful.  I used to run quite a bit before having Jack, and then again after having Jack, up until I got pregnant with Norah.  So I installed the C25K App on my iPhone (I love the app, it's amazing - tells you when to run, when to walk - all while your iTunes blare in the background.  You.Must.Try.It) and got down to business! 

I started with Week 2 of the program and probably should have started with Week 3, but I signed up for my VERY FIRST 5K run on September 29th back home in Chanute - and starting with Week 2 would put me right at the end of the 8 Week program the week of the race!  Perfect Timing, it must be a sign from the running fanatics up above!

I ran Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so far this week, which is more than you are supposed to but I get addicted when I start things - I think it's a little bit of my tiny case of self-diagnosed OCD coming through.

Last night, Chris was home early (for once) so I took advantage of the infrequent available babysitter and decided to go for a run...then Jack insisted decided he MUST tag along!  This made for an even hotter (it was 97 degrees on the bank sign as we ran by), longer and heavier haul, but we made it!  Sucessfully completing W2D3 (for the second time this week)!

Jack and I ready to attack our run!
W2D3 Complete!
Exhausted, Sweaty and Tongues-Waggin!
One Tired Momma!
I am very excited for my first 5K run and I hope my enthusiam continues as the C25K app continues to kick my ass up and down the streets of Frontenac OR the treadmill at the Y - only time will tell!

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