Thursday, August 16, 2012

Breakfast Of Champions...

I think I mentioned before that I've never really been a "breakfast-eater" but I recently have started drinking Vi-Shape protein shakes for breakfast.  I will fully say that the Vi-Shape mix tastes better than any other protein powder mix I've ever tasted - it's Sweet Cream Flavor and reminds me alot of cake batter!  Yum-o!

Breakfast Of Champions

I bought an Oster single serve little blender where the cup has both the lid and grinder attachments, I love all-in-one products - simple and easy, living my life I don't need to add ANY unnecessary complications!

The deets:
1. Vi-Shape Soy Protein Powder Mix - Sweet Cream Flavor
  • Each shake uses 2 scoops of powder which equals 90 calories
2. Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened Milk
  • Each shake uses 1 cup of milk which equals 30 calories
Now you can stop here and add just a little ice and the shake tastes great or you can add in fruit, veggies, flavor packs (Peach Packet pictured - 10 calories) or just about anything!  There are over 200 recipes available!  Currently my favorite breakfast shake is simply adding a banana - so good and filling!  :-)

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