Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday...

Hey, Hey!

It's Wednesday!  You know what that means...we all force ourselves to step on to the dreaded scale and see the damage we've done for the past week.  I used to be like an everyday "weigher" but Molly kept calling me cray for doing that - so now I'm really trying to only weigh once a week on Wednesday!  Haha!  I don't want to be that cray blogger girl!

Today marks the 3 week point in Erin's DietBet!  Eek!  The first DietBet I participated in I missed my goal by 0.4 pounds - Bitch!  So I'm detemined to make it this time and I think I'm totally on track to do just that!  I'm surprised because I haven't been able to work out throughout this entire DietBet due to the New and Improved Boobs!  However, at Monday's post-op with Dr. OB he said that I didn't have to tape anymore and could start low impact cardio, lower body and ab workouts as long as I was comfortable with it and it didn't hurt.  If it hurts I'm not supposed to do it - whatever it may be.  So I'm stoked and I have these two workouts on the menu for this evening...

Weigh In Wednesday Stats...
Week 1 Weigh In: Down 5.6 Pounds! Holla! Only 1.2 Pounds until Goal, Bay-Bay!
Week 2 Weigh In: Down 5.0 Pounds (Gained 0.6 Pounds)! Only 1.8 Pounds until Goal!
Week 3 Weigh In: Down 6.2 Pounds (Lost 1.2 Pounds)! Only 0.6 Pounds until Goal! Boom!


Also, I have a favor to ask y'all!  One of my favorite bloggers, Laura, from Walking In Memphis In High Heels is up for being chosen as Wallis' First Official U.S. Blogger Ambassador!  You can vote for her on the Wallis Facebook page here!  Please go vote for Laura, the competition is STIFF!  Thanks, Ladies and Hubby Jack!



  1. Great job girl!!! Woohoo making that money!! And thanks so so much for the shout out!! : )

  2. Nice work - you are so close to goal! Just keep at it :) Happy hump day, lady!

  3. WAY TO GO GIRLIE!!!!! You should be so proud!! AND...I voted, love me some Laura!

  4. Great job mamacita!!! Have fun working out!!

  5. Keep up the hard work!! Nice job, Darci! Proud of you ... as I sit here and stuff my face!

  6. Get some handle bars for your toilet after that leg workout...

  7. I'll be doing this with you - was just going to do legs, but I think I'll throw in the incline workout too. Thanks for the motivation!

  8. Good job on the loss!! I printed out the leg workout - gonna try it tonight =)

  9. Awesome girl!! :) keep it up. You will get this money this time!!