Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's In A Name...

Today I'm linking up with Amanda for her "What's In a Name" par-tay!  The idea is to share how you came up with or what inspired your child(ren)'s names!  Head on over using the button below to link up and share your naming stories!


I have one rule when it comes to baby names; the name has to be a good name for a baby, a good name for a young adult and a good name for a professional and a good name for a grandparent.  Take my name - Darci, it's cute for a baby and a young adult - as I get older I'm not loving it as much though, like I'm going to be a 60 year old Darci some day... you know what I'm saying?

Jack Nolan - I have loved the name Jack for a boy for as long as I can remember, it's so simple, clean and masculine.  Early on The Husband and I had the boy name discussion and he actually liked Jack too for a boy so we were set.  The minute the ultrasound tech said "It's a Boy!" we knew his name would be Jack! 

Of course there were certain assholes family members that made the standard - "Are you sure you want to name him Jack?  You know kids are going to call him Jack Ass or Jack Off and stuff, right?"  I hate when people give opinions in general on someones name choice, but to make negative comments drives me to the edge of Crazy Town!  Needless to say, said assholes weren't privy to Norah's name prior to her birth! Bitch move?  Sure, but they were assholes first! 

Coming up with Nolan was a different story.  For some reason finding a middle name that "flowed' after Jack was a more difficult task than expected.  We threw around a million names and just didn't love anything.  The Husband and his entire family are avid baseball fans/players and one day he just threw out the name Nolan - as in Nolan Ryan, who was a great baseball player for the Kansas City Royals back in the day and since we live in Kansas it was an added bonus!  And honestly, the name fits Jack perfectly.  I call him Nolan as much as I call him Jack and it's so cute to hear him say, "My name is Jack No-anne Peer."

Norah Jane - Norah's name was a task in general.  I went in thinking for sure I was having another boy, I wanted another boy... you see I'm not that "emotional" (I've always been a girly-girl, the farthest thing from a Tom Boy) as far as girls go, and I would much rather hang out with 10 guys than 10 girls - let's face it I'm an Attention Whore... so I never really knew what I would do with a girl! 

Moving on, when we found out Norah was a girl, I think I was in denial because I was dead set on naming her a boy name!  I have always loved boy names for girls - my favorites are Brette, Tyler and Kyle - however The Husband was NOT on board.at.all!  I actually looked at alot of the online baby names lists and just wasn't impressed.  There had always been one name I liked for a girl though and it comes from the movie "Step Up" and the completely irrational thoughts that maybe Channing Tatum would show up at my doorstep to dance around with me the way he does in the movie with Norah (Jenna Dewan Tatum). 

I also liked the fact that it was an older name and complemented "Jack" as being traditional and simple!  I didn't want one traditional name and some "off the wall multi-syllable named spelled with a twist just because I think it's cute, but no one ever knows how to pronounce it" name - I hate those names!  I mean parents realize their kid has to learn to spell their name as like their first word, right?  Why would you do that to them?  It's like setting them up to fail from the get go! 

Anyway, The Husband wasn't a huge fan of Norah at first, but the more I insisted he came around - I always win!  Deciding on a middle name happened fairly quick, I just like the ring to it - Norah Jane.  But as many of you know, she is referred to as "Bean" most of the time!  I'm not sure where it came from and some of my Mexican family members can't believe I call her Bean - it's not like I'm calling her "Beaner" or "Mexican Jumping Bean" - that I could understand, but Bean - come on!

Lastly, on the backside of picking Norah's name we realized the kids had the same initials, just the first and middle ones flipped... JNS and NJS.  The N names were also 5 letters long, while the J names were both only 4 letters long.  Weird/Neat, huh?

There you have it - the mad science behind my kid's names!



  1. I love those names!! And speaking of the off the wall stupid spelling, everybody pronounces it wrong and spells it wrong too - welcome to my name!

  2. Hey girl new follower here! Your kids are just the cutest! I am guilty of having one of those names that we both HATE. Why did my parents want to spell my name this way? Who the f knows. I went my entire life literally with people pronouncing my name Caddy like Caddyshack and I always have to correct them. But then again who would name their kid after golf? I guess it could be worse haha..feel free to check out my blog as well :) Hubby Jack designed it :)

  3. i LOVE the name Nora(h) and for the same reason! bahaha!! a girl can dream, cant she!?!

  4. Love Norah w/ an 'h'. My niece is Eleanora, Nora for short. Her middle name is Jean (after my mom, my sister's such a suck up!), so I call her Nora Jean, sometimes NJ for short. So, love the name Nora! As for Jack, I've always wanted to name my boy Jack but my husband has some big, bad, mean old unlce Jack who beat the crap out of my h's aunt and cousins so now way in hell is he going to let me name our son Jack. Boo hoo! Great names, great stories!

  5. oh Channing Tatum!!!!! I love that you admitted you are an attention whore. nice. :)

  6. Hey Darci - not sure if I've ever commented before but I am now :) I love your kids names - I'm a big fan of the more traditional names too. Norah Jane sounds awesome together!

  7. I LOVE your kiddos names. Norah is soooo pretty and traditional but unique and Jack is super cute. It's a name that my hubby and I like if we have another boy. And mmmmm Channing Tatum I just love thinking about him...

  8. I love your kids names and Norah is one of my favorites.

  9. I just love the fact that you technically have a Jack and Jane! Hehe

    We had a hell of a time coming up with our kids names. The husband never liked anything I came up with. But knew i wanted to give them "strong" names, and middle names that if they hated their first name they would be happy using their middle one!

    I know someone who gave their kid the middle name Cinderella....are you friggin kidding me!?!?!?!?

  10. I am so with you on the "yuneek" spellings of kids' names, not a fan! I love both of your kids' names, very simple and classic and they go so well together. Thanks so much for linking up!

  11. Hi I'm a new reader here! I love your kids names but especially yours. My daughter is Darci :)