Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bean's Birthday Party & Liebster Part 2...

We had Norah's birthday party last Saturday and thankfully everything actually went fairly smoothly!  We had about 50 guests and Bean was spoiled rotten with all her gifts! 

The theme was Winter One-derland and the lovely Kristen at First Name Smith made her invitations, the cupcake toppers, two banners and the goodie bag tags!  I loved everything!  You can check out Kristen's creations at Little Laws Prints - she is amazing and I highly recommend her for any of your invitation and decoration needs!  You can also find her on FB at Little Laws Prints or search the hashtag #littlelawsprints on my Home Girl (Instagram)!

Little Laws Prints Goodies
Momma's Birthday Party Outfit! 
Teal Cardigan, White Basic Tunic, Black Fleece Lined Leggings all from Hazel & Olive Boutique!
Leopard Print Wedges from Shoe Dazzle.

I'm horrible for not getting all the questions for my Liebster Nominations done yet!  But here is the second installment featuring questions from:
Ashley @ Living My Dash


  1. She went to town on that cake...sweet little girl!!

  2. Super cute party!!! She is a doll and love the cake picture especially the one where she puts her binky in her mouth with all the icing!

  3. somehow, my invitation to that party got lost in the mail...I'm not sure what happened. that child is freaking cute!!!!

  4. You have a super cute daughter!! I love all the decorations and invites.

  5. It looks like the party was a lot of fun and I'm cracking up at the picture of Norah covered in frosting, but still sucking on her paci. She is so freaking adorable!

  6. She's TOO precious. I want my baby girl to be one again. I love your outfit!

  7. Love the theme for the party. I plan to use Kristin for my kids parties from now on. Love your outfit too!

  8. Yeah!!! Love me some Darci-vlogging...Ha! First your mini is cute and you know that cause I tell you! I love that she has so much hair and that she's like a mini-darci. Second girl you are killing it in that outfit!! Love it! And now I have to go shopping. Here's a little fun fact about bangs...if you want to put them up try twisting off to the side that way you won't get the blunt sticking outta your head look that you were futsing with. Hee hee. Thanks for sharing pic's from the party!