Monday, July 7, 2014

Things That Make Me Smile

Happy Monday!

I came across a gem this morning on Bloglovin, a few ladies (Faith, Allie, Juliette) are hosting "Blog Everyday In July" and we all know how stuck we can get coming up with blog topics every single day! So this is perfect! Go check out Faith's post with all the details HERE! I'm going to jump in as much as possible, and I hope you do too! Most of the topics look pretty "about me" but in new fun ways!

Day {7} Things That Make Me Smile

When he says "I really don't want to say this but..."

Social Media!
I love this tool that can sometimes be harsh and cruel, but also motivating and inspiring! It quickly shows you from your "real life" who is there and who isn't and that's fine because it also opens up tons of opportunities to meet new people you never would have and from that can come some of your most cherished relationships!

The Besties!
I literally don't know how I would survive a single day without the handful of ladies I call my Besties! They are always there and never judge! They also appease me by laughing at me, even when they don't think I'm funny, but I do!

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! Oh, and more shopping! 

Who doesn't love a good Friday?!

When he hops in bed and expertly wiggles his way in between The Husband and me, and then lays his big head across my back. I know he loves me and is happy!

Going Sans Bra!
Hey, we didn't pay the big bucks for nothin'!

Exercise makes me happy...well, when it's over at least!

Queso and Chips!
I big puffy heart love me some cheese, in all forms and all flavors, but queso and chips...eek! I'm giddy just thinking about it! If you don't share my love for queso, then we can't be friends! Yes, its that serious!

I love her "I love you, too" replies! They are almost angry sounding, but she definitely gets the point across!

I listen to the radio or iTunes 24/7! It is my savior at work when I'm starring at an Excel spreadsheet for the 8th straight hour OR when I can't find the F'n $100 million dollars! I could not go without the tunes playing in the background!

Our Neighborhood!
We are [hashtag] blessed when it comes to where we live! Our little neighborhood is awesome, young couples and kids everywhere! The sports complex, park and swimming pool are a quick 2-3 block walk away! But most of all, it's the people! Everyone is so friendly, kind and willing to help out whenever, for whatever! Like having Jack over for a play date before I lose my sanity (because The Husband has been gone all week), watching for Oscar when his runs last longer then normal in the AM and then letting him in the back door of the house for me since I'm long gone to work! Breaking in to an unlocked window when Jack locks us out of the house! Watching Oscar while we are gone for a night! The list could go on and on...

The Husband!
He can be the biggest pain in my ass, like all the time, but he works SO hard for our family! He provides us with more then we could ever want and for that I will forever be grateful!

Tomorrow's topic is "Things You Do When You're Alone" - that should be a good one!


  1. Awesome!!! I'm going to jump on this bandwagon, thanks for sharing!

  2. All your Jack stories make me smile - he sounds like quite the character!

  3. What a fun idea!

    I'm also loving the "sans bra" summer movement! I don't have much to contain so I can get away with it too!! It's just way too hot here in Ks to deal with that business :)


  4. Oh how I wish it was Friday right now LOL it's going to be a long week!

  5. Omgosh all I want now is some queso!!! Mmm

  6. Chips and Queso? Yum! And who doesn't love Social Media, if only on occasion?