Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Note...How Embarrassing


Day {9} Most Embarrassing Story

It was my senior year of high school when The Note was written and shit got cray! So, my BF at the time wrote me a little note one day and somehow I managed to lose said note before I ever even read the damn thing! I honestly wasn't too worried about it, our notes were innocent enough, right? Well unfortunately not this particular note, the only note from him I had ever misplaced...nope, this note mentioned some inappropriate maybe sexual things that kids our age should not have been doing, let alone been written down on paper.

Fast forward to a few days later, I get to school and as I walk through the door a friend ran up to me and handed me a piece of paper; I saw the first line and instantly knew what it was The Note...photocopied! I looked up and literally every single kid in that school had a copy of The Note in their hands reading it, reading it! Ends up, something like 500 copies were made and distributed around the school. Oh em gee, right!? Soon enough rumors were flying about who did it and of course teachers and other staff at the school caught wind of The Note too, nice! I mean, my perfect reputation was now ruined! (insert sarcasm font)

See I was a Mat Maid for the wrestling team and in the end it was 2 freshman wrestlers that had found and photocopied The Note. It became a big to-do because of sexual harassment, whatever, whatever, whatever...I just remember being called to the Vice Principle's office a few days later.  He wanted to explain to me that he boys had admitted what they did, what their punishment was going to be and if I had any questions and was in agreement with the way everything was handled. It was all good, but as he sat there talking to me he had a copy of The Note in his hands and he kept referring to it and reading it as I sat there! Like! In addition to getting suspended for a few days, Coach made those freshman ass-hats run a shit ton of laps as punishment for me!

Speaking of Coach, he topped the embarrassment cherry off by awarding me the No Note Writing award at our annual wrestling banquet a couple months front of everyone! Thanks, Coach but I didn't even write The Damn Note!

What's your most embarrassing story?


  1. Oh no that sucks! Kids are so freakin cruel!!!

  2. How awful!! I thought kids photocopying things and handing them out only happened in movies! lol!