Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Things I Do When I'm Alone


I don't get a whole lot of alone time and even when I am alone, Oscar is still there...just staring at me, like all the time, but when I do get some solo + Oscar time I like to:

As in eat a meal in complete silence; no one asking for a napkin or to pick up their fork that they've dropped for the 10th time, clean up spilled milk, yell at Oscar to stop taking food off of the kid's plates or hear the children fighting over who got the last piece of "x"...

Nap, anyone? No, how about sleeping in? Or better yet, getting in bed at like 7pm! Yeah, I'd gladly do all three in one day...

Law & Order: SVU!
Can y'all say Elliot Stabler? How about Nick Amaro? Marathon me all day long...

Enough said, but in case you don't have kid(s) yet, let me tell you this! Cherish the time you spend alone in your bathroom! Once there is a child, it will never happen again! Wait, check that, it will only happen in the middle of the night, sometimes! You've been warned...

Cyber Stalk!
We all do it, I do it too much period, but when I'm home alone the Cyber Stalking can sometimes go to a whole new level that even impresses, and scares, myself! I know I have a problem!

Chick Flicks!
Nothing better then spending an entire afternoon in silence, just you and your tears and failed dreams...

But First...Lemme Take A Selfie!
We all do it, if you say you don't do it, you're a GD liar! I'm the first to admit I love me a good selfie, but when I'm alone they can get a tad outta control! No, I won't explain further...

Oh my, when I get the chance to workout solo I could just pee myself! I usually try to workout first thing in the AM or over my lunch, but sometimes I have to try to do a quick video in the evening when the kids are running a muck and it drives me mad! I'm screaming "no" the entire time, which can really wear ya out...

So...what do YOU do when you are alone?


  1. At first I wasn't exactly sure where this blog topic was gonna take me....but I hear ya. I love being home during the day time - alone - when it's still daylight. I sort of call it 'playing house'. I can clean, do laundry, organize, whatever in total silence or with music. Which I may or may not sing to....but like you I have a constant shadow - my fur baby Doc. We have good conversations and he always agrees w/my opinions. Ha!

  2. Haha yes to all of these. I mean I don't have kids so technically I always potty by myself soooo.....haha

  3. HAHA! I loved this! I love me some SVU and I miss going potty by myself!

  4. Oh when I'm alone it's like I'm on speed! "What can I get done in xx amount of time!" I'm like the Tasmanian Devil! I workout, shower, email, blog, watch the DVR, and then realize that I never have enough alone time!

  5. When in doubt, turn on an SVU marathon. I love to watch it on Netflix, but for some reason it doesn't auto-roll over to the next episode like Hulu does so if I can't find a marathon on TV I turn on Hulu. Elliott Stabler and Nick Amaro do it for me every time.