Tuesday, July 15, 2014

An Ode To My Loves


Day {15} Write A Letter To An Inanimate Object

Dear iPhone:
I'm not sure I was really living until I found you! You wake me up in the mornings, you are a constant companion all day long, you keep me up to date with friends and family, you keep me on track with meeting and appointment reminders, you are the last thing I look at right before going to bed at night! You might just be my true, daily BFF and I'm totally ok with that! Ride or Die Bitches!

Dear Shakeology:
Thank you for being released in the new Strawberry flavor, I'm addicted, hardcore! You keep me full and satisfied all morning (and sometimes into the afternoon), you knock my cravings for sweet stuff and you help me GO on the regular.

Dear Makeup:
Without you I wouldn't be as confident as I am. You make me feel pretty, you hide my imperfections, you are saving me a ton of money on lots and lots of plastic surgery (although I'm still debating getting filler in my lips), if I didn't have you I don't know that I would be the woman I am today! For real!

Dear Fitbit:
I'm kind of over you currently! You only count steps and since I'm not running currently, you just make me feel like a loser day after day when I don't hit my goal, even though I'm still working out! Ugh! I'm a few days away from taking you off for awhile; just a warning!

Dear Pillo-Pedic Pillow:
I love you! I really do! Even though I feel like an 80 year old lady using her orthopedic pillow, you allow me to sleep and wake up without feeling stiff or having a headache which is AMAZING!

Dear Hot Tools:
You are the best curling iron I've ever had! You can give me tight curls or beach waves, you get SO hot and make my hair steam, but I wouldn't have it any other way because you make them curls work! My only complaint is that your on/off switch broke after like a month, but luckily it broke in the ON position so I can still use it...for now!

Dear Internet:
Thank You! That is all...

What are some of YOUR favorite inanimate objects?


  1. I agree with you on the make-up, Thank you!!

  2. Lol at your curling iron breaking 😂😂

  3. AMEN on the shakeo AND fitbit! blah!