Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Power of Makeup

I would not have survived before makeup! How did most women survive before makeup? I personally probably would have been cast away to Rapunzel's Tower, but in the ghetto, if I had been alive back when there wasn't makeup! I said most because we all know there are those women that are true natural beauties... I am not, so thank God, or whoever actually invented makeup, for makeup!

The pictures above were BOTH taken yesterday! The L was at 6:30 am after my workout, the R was taken sometime after lunch in the afternoon! Holy F, remind me to thank The Husband for being willing to wake up to that in the mornings! Eek!

The Power of Makeup is really quite awesome, it can literally transform a person's physical appearance and I think that is pretty awesome! We all deserve to feel the best we can about ourselves and if wearing makeup does that for someone then Hey Girl Hey, I'm all about it! However, makeup also has the potential to make you look an ever bigger hot mess if you don't apply it correctly, aren't using the right products/colors or just don't know what the hell you are doing! If this is you, please take the first step and admit the problem and then move on to the second step and find a makeup artist, a friend, the lady at the makeup counter at Dillard's, whoever and ask for help! Trust me, you'll be glad you did!

I saw THIS article pop up on my Facebook news feed yesterday! It's pretty cool, but trust me some of that crap they are doing - the color correction, the highlighting, contouring - I don't know how to do that and I don't do that, but I kind of sort of maybe wish I did!  Here's some of my favorite transformations!

I wrote this post about a year ago detailing my makeup routine and the products I was using at that time! The post also included the picture below, another bad goodie!

Since then, I've changed some things up and had received a few questions regarding what I'm currently using so here's a quick run down!

Eyebrow Filler: $1 Black Eye Shadow from Walmart
Eye Shadow: Merle Norman Color Expressions Pallet (it was special edition)

The last thing I wanted to show y'all real quick is my naked face side by side! With my lovely, oh so pretty, to die for olive skin tone also comes some not so desirable dark marks. Any blemish, scratch, cut, gash, whatever leaves a dark spot or mark - the dark marks don't discriminate and aren't limited only to my face unfortunately. When I was pregnant with both kids I would break out something awful on my face, chest, back and even upper arms - this left one hundred million dark marks, everywhere! I started getting some gentle chemical peels a few months back, the first couple I honestly didn't see much difference, but the last couple I've had have helped SO much with fading the marks! I get them done at my dermatologist and they are super nice enough to also do it on my chest, back and upper arms! Holla! Can you see a difference? I can! Yay! I will probably need another 2-4 peels, you do them about every 4 weeks and then after that I will just have to maintain with less peels and an awesome post-care regimen my esthetician friend is putting together for me! I'm seriously SO excited! Someday if I get up enough nerve I will show you the difference it's made in my back...someday, maybe...the before pretty embarrassing and I've been so self conscious about it for like 5+ years now so I'm going to have to talk myself into that!

Now tell me...Are you a makeup girl? What are some of your must haves? Do you use any of the same products I do? 


  1. Oh girl, I am a HOT MESS without, almost unrecognizable! Because I have the very small Asian eyes, I ALWAYS line my eyes with eyeliner, so when I don't have it on its weeeeeird! Here is my current list of makeup used:

    Foundation: Kat Von D Lock It Up foundation -or- Rimmell Stay Matte
    Powder: I go back and forth between Kat Von D Lock and Make Up Forever
    Eyebrows: Anastasia Brow Wiz and Tarte Amazonian Clay Brow Mousse
    Blush: Smashbox Halo longwear blush and Wet N Wild bronzer (fancy, I know)
    Eyeliner: It's some Japanese brand I get at the Asian market called "24 hour tattoo"
    Eye Shadow: Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 (SOOOO worth it)
    Mascara: This question is a tough one.....I am a mascara hoarder....for reals. Currently I am using Cover Girl Clump Crusher with Loreal Voluminous Miss Manga on top. I also use the Moodstruck Fiber Lashes for special occasions.
    Lips: Revlon Colorburst Lip Balm Stain and NYX lip butters

    If anyone know of any SUPER SUPER full coverage foundations let me know....I love the flawless porcelain doll look! :)

  2. I love love makeup. I also use Revlon colorstay. But I am beyond clueless on doing my eyebrows. So im constantly jealous of everyone elses. UGH. Yours are fab of course! :)

  3. I love makeup! I'm a Mary Kay girl. It's all I've ever used! My mom started selling it when I started wearing makeup!

  4. Why do you use a different pencil on the upper and lower lashes?? Just curious.

    I won't leave the house w/o makeup anymore. I feel too ugly and wouldn't hate to run into someone looking like *that*. I don't always use foundation, somedays just run w/ some BB cream that's tinted (are they all?) and throw on some quick powder, then my eyes. That usually suffices for a Walmart run.

    I can tell your peels are working! You shouldn't be embarrassed about your back!!!

  5. How do you like the Younqiue mascara? I've seen it on IG & was thinking of ordering it.

  6. For a good budget buy, I love the Mabelline concealers. They work so well and blend amazingly. Thanks for sharing your routine.

  7. Yes--need the make up--but I can't spend too much $$ on it--so I stick with the drug store stuff--with the exception of the mary k powder and concealer. In the summer, I wear less make up, just foundation, bronzer, and mascara. I'm not super good about how to do my eyes, so I kinda do the same things over and over.

  8. I love makeup! I feel hideous without. But, I can't bring myself to spend the big bucks, so I'm never that happy with what I have. Lately I have been obsessed with watching makeup tutorials.

    One blog that showed me how to HAC (highlight and contour) is Maskara - she has a couple good videos on how to do it.

    Another way I try to check out new makeup for cheap is subscribing to Ipsy. $10/month gets you 5-6 new products, plus a cute zipper bag. They usually have a couple full size items too. Love it!

  9. Girl I feel the same way! Dark circle city lives under my eyes thanks to my awesome genes! My mom has been doing the chemical peel and her face looks totally different and looks great! She's tried talking me into doing one... Maybe I will..

    P.s. going to check out your concealer I'm always on the lookout for a great one!

  10. know I need some make-up. You've seen my sweating Betty face sans makeup. And I feel ya on the scarring for Olive skin. I'm in the same boat. I haven't done any peels but I've been loving my face since I finished my Accutane. Now let's hope it stays that way!!
    Looking gorgeous as always girlie.