Monday, June 9, 2014

Seven Hours I Will Never Get Back

I spent SEVEN hours yesterday purging, cleaning and organizing my closet! SEVEN HOURS! To be closet had turned into my closet, our Jacuzzi tub, a coat tree, my vanity and just a good 'ole pile of clothes on the floor! Eek! 

Before Closet
 Before Clean/New Clothes On Vanity & Floor
Before Coat Tree - I will admit I haven't touched this yet...
 Before Shoes
Before Shoe Boxes
Before Jacuzzi Tub

Hi, my name is Darci...and my closet is too SMALL (it really is)! I also enjoy ShoeDazzle (and keeping the boxes - do y'all do that or is that odd), Hazel & Olive Boutique, Pink Slate Boutique and Audacious Boutique WAY TOO MUCH! This has got to stop or at least slow down!

Shoes Keep Pile
 Sell Rack
 Surprise Shoe Finds

Do y'all keep your shoe boxes and then keep the shoes in the box? I've done this for years, but after realizing I had quite a few pairs of shoes I hadn't ever wore, let alone remember buying, I decided that probably wasn't the smartest idea! Ha! So I went to Home Depot and got some little organizing deals for my shoes! Plus, it makes my closet look FANCY! Holla!

After Closet View 1
 After Closet View 2
After Gypsy's Closet whoopsie

Whew! That was like the longest day ever! I hope I can keep it clean and neat, but let's not all go holding our breath!  I still have to go through all my jewelry and those scarves, but hey it's definitely progress!

Is your closet clean? Tips for keeping it neat and tidy?


  1. My closet isn't *too* bad, but I go through and purge quite a bit. No ideas on how to keep it organized, it's just a decision to make and stick to. Like saying "no more throwing clothes on floor" and sticking w/ that. it's HARD!!! Good luck!!!

  2. Our bedroom is a mess a.k.a. my closet. I need to look to you as inspiration! {Maybe tomorrow...}.
    Good job! It looks great!

  3. I wished I had a quarter of your

  4. I have to do this every few months! It helps me to remember what I have and what I want to get rid of. I love the shoe boxes/bins that you got though, I think some may show up on my next organizing spree :)

  5. You did a lot of work! Send me the clothes you don't want! ;)