Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Get Fit For Summer Giveaway!

Happy HUMP Day...Yes, I'm still saying that!

I've got something big for you today! Big-Big! Huge! Ginormous!  I've teamed up with 17 amazing bloggers who love fitness to help One Lucky Fitness Addict like ourselves with their fitness goals! Eek!

Check out all the shit you could win! Holla! 

If you have been around here for awhile you know that I puffy heart me some cardio, a cardio bunny if you will, but lately I've opened my eyes and realized there's more to exercise then JUST cardio! Say Whaaaat? I've been trying to work in strength training too and so far I'm not hatting what it's doing to my bod! However, we know its progress, not perfection and I'm still in for the long haul! Join me, won't you!?

If you are new around here! Hi! Welcome! I'm Darci! I like making funny faces, taking too many selfies, I fully believe in the "if you don't take a gym pic AND post it, well then your workout never happened" mentality, I have ONE Husband, TWO Kids and ONE Boxer, I'm addicted to clothes, I love challenging myself in all aspects of my life - work, play, fitness, I tend to be brutally honest and I am a self-admitted Attention Whore! Yay!

Be sure to stop by and show some love to all the amazing ladies that have teamed up to put together the most AWESOME prize pack ever and  want to help you... 

Giveaway Details! Squeal! 
Fair Warning! There are a crap ton of entries you can earn for the giveaway, you can do as many or as little as you like, just remember the more you do the better the chance to win! It's a plain 'ole Rafflecopter Giveaway, so go getcha "like" "follow" "friend" on and start earning some entries! I promise you won't be sorry! Good Luck, Y'all!


  1. I would love to try those Spark drinks!! Great giveaway!!!

  2. what an awesome giveaway!!!! wish I could have joined....but maybe i'll win!!? my must have for fitness is my ipod. :)

  3. First time visit and wow what an awesome transformation you've had! One hot chickie!!!

  4. This is seriously the best giveaway! And my workout must have is my water, Rehydrate and my Polar. Must haves. Can't live without. Which means I should totally win the giveaway so I can pay forward the Polar, right? Right! lol